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Can you have a bad trip on ecstacy

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Yes you can have a bad trip on Ecstasy. If you do have a bad trip you might want to seek medical attention right away. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-a-bad-trip-on-ecstacy ]
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Can you have a bad trip on ecstasy?
aye course ya can mate, but ya need to be a pua beast and take loads to trip, av tuk 15 in 2 hours, nd am talkin bowt the gud stuff, nd a didnt trip, more commonly ya get a bad 'buzz' tips for taking XTC always carry atleast half a pint of ...
Can people get a bad trip on ecstasy? Has anyone ever panicked on...?
oh yes it can Ecstasy affects the neurons in the brain that use serotonin, which normally play a role regulating mood, sleep, aggression, and sexual activity. Here are some ecstasy effects: Cognitive ecstasy effects: Ecstasy can affect cogn...
Does depression have to do with getting a bad trip on ecstasy??
Well first off you have to ask yourself if you had depression before taking the drug. If that's the case then ecstasy probably isn't the best thing to be doing. I can tell you just from experiences it is possible to have a bad reaction to r...

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how long should the depression and anxiety after a bad Ecstacy trip last?
Q: i had a bad trip after taking 3 ecstacy pills on my own last night. during the 11 hours after my last pill, my depression and anxiety has kept increasing. also, my blood pressure does not appear to returning to normal levels yet. as a result i have not been able to get any sleep, although i lay in my bed for 5 hours trying. how long will this depression and anxiety last and when will my blood pressure return to normal levels? what can i do to make it happen sooner?
A: First, get help. You need to be in serious rehab. Ecstasy kills. How will your mom feel if she finds out you have died?My son is an addict (but does not admit to it) and I live in fear every day that he will die.He was in a psychiatric hospital for 6 months following a bad LSD trip.Your brain could be permanently scarred and you may never feel like yourself again. My son's brain has never fully recovered.Stop using. NOW GET HELP
whats a bad ecstacy trip like ?
Q: could you explain in detail whats its likee ?and is there anywy to get off of it especially, or avoid it
A: it may kill you before you experience a trip
i'm on a bad ecstacy/meth trip right now. would sleep help? what could helpsober me up?
A: Just sleep it off, and get clean after your sober.

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