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Can you get high off sharpie

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You can get a small contact hight from sniffing Sharpie's, but the fumes are toxic and can kill off brain cells. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-high-off-sharpie ]
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YES! If you inhale the sharpie fumes, you may never breath again. I AM NOT LYING! People have DIED from sharpies before. DON'T TRY IT!
i do all times! Nevar hutz me much. WOOHOOOO
Inhaling any chemicals can cause a head rush. That's the feeling of millions of braincells dieing at once. You are born with whatever braincells genetics has provided you with, so I would suggest caring for them wisely. Braincells don't mul...

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can you really get high off sharpie?
Q: i heard you can get high off sharpie... is this true? and for how long do you need to sniff?
A: Inhalants produce an effect that may be similar to alcohol intoxication. Initial symptoms described by abusers who were "huffing" include:drowsiness, lightheadedness, and loss of inhibition. Further use can lead to the following:dizziness, hallucinations or delusions, belligerence, apathy, and impaired judgment. Long-term inhalant abusers can suffer damaging health consequences including:depression and mood changes, weight loss, inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irritability, and weakness. More serious consequences can include permanent damage to the brain and other organs or even death. Sudden cardiac death from fatal cardiac arrhythmias has been reported even in teen inhalant abusers. Death from huffing can occur upon the first time of use, or after prolonged inhalant abuse. Other causes of death include asphyxiation, aspiration, or suffocation. Chronic inhalant abuse may result in serious and sometimes irreversible damage to the user's heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and brain. Brain damage may result in personality changes, diminished cognitive functioning, memory impairment, and slurred speech. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Medical Examiner data revealed that inhalants were involved in over 500 deaths in the United States from 1996 to 1999. Substances commonly used by inhalant abusers fall into several categories:Volatile solvents, such as those found in paint thinner, gasoline, felt-tip markers, nail polish remover, glue, and other household products. Aerosol sprays containing propellants and solvents. Examples include spray paint, deodorant, and hair care products. Gases, most commonly nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Nitrites, a group of chemicals that are used in room deodorizers, are more often abused by those seeking sexual enhancement rather than a euphoric state. Nitrites are most commonly abused by adults. Parents of teens need to be especially vigilant about signs of inhalant abuse (huffing), since the abused substances are simple household items and not readily identifiable as drugs of abuse. These substances are also easily purchased and inexpensive, making them attractive to curious teens. In addition to signs of intoxication, parents should be warned of potential inhalant abuse by sores and scratches around the mouth area along with the presence of unusual odors.
Can you really get high off of Sharpie Markers?
Q: I'm not too interested in getting high.I was just wondering if this was really true?
A: no but you can get one hell of a headache and become sick to your stomach! don't be stupid.
Is it true that you can get high off of sharpie?
Q: How long does it take, how long it affects you, and what are the short term/ long term side affects?I am doing a school project on drugs. If you could give a link, that would be great. Thanks!
A: ye you can get high off of almost anything im serious. if you take like 10 deep breaths off almost any marker and then a deep breath of air its should make you light headed for a few seconds. try fooling around with it standing, sitting, sitting then standing. should do diffrent stuff

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