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Can you get high off of Dramamine

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Dramamine has side effects of drowziness, so you probably just got tired and really dazed and such. It is used for nausea and motion sickness. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-high-off-of-dramamine ]
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Can you get high off of Dramamine?
yes you can...i took 6 yesterday...i was so fu*ked up...i ended up sleeping all day...it can make you hilusanate...i thought there were bats in my room...when i had my eyes closed...when i opend them there was nothing there...n if you take ...

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got high off dramamine?
Q: ok like 3 nights ago i got high off dramamine by taking like 10 of the pills( i know, stupid). it was just a nightmare. all the hallucinations i saw were scary. like someone running past my window. and spiders on my shoulders. and my name being screamed. 3 days later i still dont feel the same. i cant think clearly and i still see spiders that arent there like once a day. did i fuck my brain up permanently?
A: dramamine can cause vision problems. You might have had a eye bleed. That could be why you are seein spiders. You need to be checked out.
Can you get high off of Dramamine?
Q: I was going to a theme park and always take dramamine before i go. i thought i forgot it so i just rode some rides anyways. then i found it 3/4 through the day, so i thought that i should take the doses i would have tooken if i knew i had it. so i took 7 pills. I felt high or it could have been tiredness. but it felt like both and the people i was with said i was high. please answer me..thanks
A: What kind of theme park did you go to where you had to take dramamine? Can I directions? lol

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