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Can you die from mushrooms

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Yes, depending on the mushrooms type, there are safe mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-die-from-mushrooms ]
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Can you die from mushrooms?
Some are deadly, but toxicity varies from species to species. If you are concerned, go to a hospital. Angel of Death or the Deathcaps grow in Australia, they are the most deadly mushroom on Earth. They will kill you within 2-3 days. If you ...
How many people haved died from eating magic mushrooms??
Because the lethal dosage of psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms is so great (pounds of mushrooms would need to be consumed), it is unlikely that anyone has died solely from the consumption of magic mushrooms. However, casualties may resu...
Am i going to die on magic mushrooms?
Psilocybin makes up roughly 1% of the weight of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, and so nearly 1.7 kilograms of dried mushrooms, or 17 kilograms of fresh mushrooms, would be required for a 60 kg person to reach the 280 mg/kg LD50 rate of rats ...

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Can you die from eating too many psilocybin mushrooms?
Q: Ok, looks like you have to consume a MASSIVE amount; and few people would even be able to stomach such an amount.
A: yes. And also keep in mind that you can die from consuming too much of anything. For example: water.
Will my edible plants be safe to eat once the mushrooms around them die?
Q: I have wheat grass, chamomile, and lavender growing. I've moved the pots into the sun. We've had a lot of rain lately, so that explains the dampness. When/if the mushrooms die, will it then be safe to consume my edible plants? Is contamination possible?
A: Yes. Definitely.Many mushrooms are toxic, and there is no easy way of determining what is and what is not. That is the bad news.The good news is that it makes no difference because unless the plants are actually rubbing against the mushrooms, there will be just zero chance of the mushrooms affecting your plants. Even if they are rubbing, you can just wash any spores or liquids or dust from the outside of the plants and eat them. There is no mechanism by which mushrooms would benefit by poisoning surrounding plants. Mostly for that reason, it does not occur.Did you know that there is such a thing as mushroom compost? The medium that has been used to grow mushrooms and which includes mushrooms is actually sold as compost. So how bad could it be?Right now, I have mushrooms of three kinds growing on my mulch next to my potatoes, my basil, my tomatoes and even some lettuce and strawberries. Absolutely no problem. I would eat any of those.And I think I shall.
Why do my mushrooms all come up and die at the same time?
Q: I got a pot of mushrooms, but the only problem is that it cycles so that there are a lot of mushrooms for only a few days, and then they die off to turn dormant for 2-3 weeks for resporing. Is there any way to have mushrooms continuously, or is there some scientific reason why they do that?
A: There is a scientific reason for it. The mushroom is the fruiting body, or reproductive structure, of the fungus, so the fungus only produces them when conditions promote it. It likely has to do with temperature and moisture content of the soil.If you really do want to have continual mushroom supply, then I would suggest setting up about 6 pots and seeding them all with spores and then cycle through the moisture content in the pots so they will produce mushrooms at different times.

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