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Can vinegar clean my system of marijuana

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Vinegar alone is not known to have the desired effect, but some say that vinegar combined with cranberry juice can be effective. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-vinegar-clean-my-system-of-marijuana ]
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Does Vinegar Clean Marijuana Out Of Your System?
Drink 4-5 64oz bottles of 100% cranberry juice over a 2 day period will flush system (not cranberry cocktail)
Does vinegar and alot of water clean marijuana out?
pickle juice alot of pickle juice will generaly do the trick ANSWER I would not count on it! You may be able to dilute your urine enough so that any THC or any THC metabolites don't show up, but you will be told your urine is too dilute and...
Does vinegar and cranberry juice clean out marijuana from body??
From my experience with this YES it does. I have tried this method 3 times and am currently trying it again. One time I even tried after having smoked 2 days before my test. This has been a very effective method for me but I do not recommen...

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Home remedies to clean marijuana out of your system over night?
Q: I smoke maryjane sometimes, and i wanted to know a home remedy to clean out my system overnight for a job interview. Got anything that works?Ps. I only weigh 120 lbs. Everyone says a Shot of vinegar and some water will work. What do u think?
A: water wont work It will just make you bloated. Thc is fat soluble, it's metabolites will diffuse into your blood streem at a set rate. water before the test can dilute the sample but wont flush it out any faster, also most " testers" will not accept a diluted sample( those days are long gone my friend). Being that you only weigh 120 it shouldn't take long for you to matabolize out, as long as you're not a heavy smoker. you'll want at least 24-48 hours of not smoking. Eat complex carbs, like oatmeal ( they trap the matabolites and send them through the intestine instead of the bladder). Also, don't give them your FIRST morning pee, don't give the first or last portion of your urination, and give the minimum accepted amount. Good luck
Will vinegar really clean out your system in 24 hours?
Q: I have a friend that needs to take a drug test for a job but she occasionally smokes marijuana. I have heard from a few people that taking a few tablespoons of vinegar and drinking a lot of water would flush out her system. Before she tries it i would like to see if anyone else has heard of this method and whether it works or not. I don't want to send her out there with faulty information.
A: A friend of mine used and he had a test couple of days later, he also gargled vinegar 5 mins before he went. He has mouth swabs taken and it worked for him. But i suppose it depends on how often you use, and if your a heavy user or not. People should calm down its not as if your shooting up in the staff toilets!!!
How do you clean marijuana out of your system fast?
Q: Ive had people tell me that vinegar, cranberry juice, tea, water,etc.. helps you rid thc from your system. I used to be an everyday smoker then i got a union job. I slipped up and took a couple of hits the other day. Im afraid they might do a random. I heard tea was a good thing but i thought tea stains your system. And ive had older people tell me to drink apple cider vinegar with an herb called mother in it. Its a digestive helper. I just need to know what is effective other than lots of water. And i know the best thing is not to smoke at all. I just slipped please help
A: take a detox. you'll be clean in hours. it doesn't take that much time at all. if you don't plan on smoking again then you don't have anything to worry about. if you ever "slip up" again, keep a detox drink on hand so you don't have to run to the store in a panic each time. water is your friend but you're going to hate those visits to the potty every twenty minutes. don't let these chumps scare you. they obviously never had to get clean fast.

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