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Can Skittles get you high

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Man, I love Skittles. But the only high that you'll get is a sugar high - and then you crash! ChaCha for now. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-skittles-get-you-high ]
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How long does it take to get high on coricidin (skittles)??
it takes a long time man, like 45 mins to an hour and a half don't worry though you'll know when it hits, you will know I've been taking dxm forever and I still think it isn't working every time just cuz it takes forever but don't take trip...
Where can I get a high quality tournament table top skittles game...?
If you haven't tried it yet, try eBay or any other internet auction site.

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can skittles get u high if u smoke them?
Q: I heard that if you grind up skittles out can then smoke that and you will get high off of them. Is this true?
A: No not true. And they would just melt if you tried to light them... So yeah, not true. Just eat them, then you can "taste the rainbow"!
can you get high off sour skittles?
Q: if you smoke them.. not eating them. cus idont think that would work.
A: ?????i can't think what would be in skittles in order for smoking them to make you highburnt sugar smells bad so i really don't recommend smoking them
If you smoke sour skittles. can you get high?
Q: haha. well im just wonderingg. wow. i do sound like i want to get high really bad. sorry.
A: No. lol.How ever.. you can huff hair spray. .. try THAT one ha ha.... just kidding btw. ..Do NOT do this haha

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