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Can i pass a mouth swab drug test

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If you have not taken any illicit drugs you should pass with flying colors. Best of luck. Thanks ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-pass-a-mouth-swab-drug-test ]
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How to pass a mouth swab drug test?
just don't take drugs for as long as possible... If the test is soon use tons of mouthwash
How do you pass a mouth swab drug test if i am a daily user of ma...?
how do i pass a mouth swab test if i smoked it 1moth 2 weeks ago Detection periods The following chart from LabCorp gives approximate detection periods for each substance by test type. [1] The ranges depend on amount and frequency of use, m...
Will I pass this mouth swab drug test?
Stop smoking now and you should pass. The swab test is like the blood test, it mainly used to test of the person is currently high on something. If you fail you wont get the job, there wont be any legal issues. It pretty much legal to be un...

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How do I pass a mouth swab drug test in 24 hours?
Q: How do I pass a mouth swab drug test in 24 hours? Can I drink tons of water like with a UA test? Scrape my mouth?
A: I've been researching the swab test myself and this is the most informative info I have found but don't rely on this and use anything prior to testing. Hope this helps.The Oral Fluid Drug Test detection time (Swab Test)Cocaine (COC) up to 24 hours Amphetamine (AMP) up to 72 hours Methamphetamine (mAMP) up to 72 hours Opiates (OPI) 24-48 hours Marijuana (THC) up to 14 hours
How do I pass a mouth swab drug test?
Q: I am a bit of pot head, Figures. I have never taken one of these mouth swab tests. Is there any way to pass one if I have smoked in the last few days? Are there any ways to cheating the mouth swab?
A: i was in the same situation as you. i smoked 2 days prior to the mouth swab and still passed. jus make sure that you get as little saliva on the swab as possible... maybe eat/drink somthing before hand. I'm not a chronic smoker (sorry for the pun), but i do it once in a while... "In a study using RIA (Radioimmunoassay) test, cannabinoids were detected in saliva 4 to 10 hours after subjects smoked a single marijuana joint."You Should be fine... Good Luck.-CAP
how can i pass a mouth swab drug test in 24 hours?
Q: i have to take a drug test tomorrow but there using a mouth swab test can i smoke today and pass tomorrow
A: How important is it to you to pass the drug test?If you don't give a cr*p about it, then go ahead and smoke all you want.If this is a really, really important test, and you have to pass it - then DO NOT SMOKE ANYTHING. Why take the risk of failing if this is really important?

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