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Can green tea clean your system out of drugs

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Some say it does help but there is NO factual evidence of this. Have a great day and ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-green-tea-clean-your-system-out-of-drugs ]
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Does green tea help you get clean 4 drug test??
Nope. Drink A LOT of water. And a couple hours before your piss test buy/drink a detox drink. They are nasty as hell. But they usually work.

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Can Green Tea really clean out your system of THC?
Q: My friend says he once smoked weed 4 days before he had to take a drug test, and he drank a lot of green tea and he passed the test. Is this really possible?
A: If only one joint was smoked it may not have been detected but believe me if two or more had been smoked it wouldn't matter how much green tea of anything else he drank it would show. he might also have gotten a low grade of plant which may not have had much THC in it. Most what they call good pot has about as much THC as hashis used to have. It can also depend on who took the test to some extent. Ive seen a lot of people who thought they could beat the system but it dosent work. your friend was lucky
Does "Arizona Green Tea" clean your system?
Q: I need to pass a drug test, and one of my good friends told me to drink a gallon of Arizona green tea and i would be set. is this true? would this clean my system enough to pass a drug test?
A: No. Green tea does not clean your system. While some foods and drinks are able to remove other stuff from your body nothing removes stuff that has been recently added. It really takes time for something like drugs to leave your system.All of the stuff that is passed around than can supposedly help you pass a drug test is just wives tales.Even though green tea is good for you, that much will be bad for you. A gallon will have 16 servings in it. The maximum safe level of caffeine we can consume in a day is 300mg. This means that at 30mg of caffeine per serving only 10 servings of green tea is the limit and that is provided you have not other caffeine that day. Plus since caffeine dehydrates us then that would really do a number on your body. When dehydrated we become tired. I could only imagine how worn out you would feel if you drank a gallon of green tea.
How does green tea help clean your system?
Q: Does it even do that? Im just curious to know because one of my friends is getting drug tested and talked about how she might use green tea to help get rid of the toxins from THC...or something like that. Anyone know if it helps you pass drug tests?
A: The only real way to cleanse the system is to stay clean of drugs, some pass faster through the body and other can take a month or so. They say though that from a hair follicle they can see back much further into your past drug usage (not sure if this is true though). I have also heard of people trying Golden Seal to cleanse their system of drugs or mask the usage and pass drug tests, but I cannot vouch for this as a viable method. Green tea however would not cleanse the system of drugs, though it is supposed to be good for the body and I have recently taken up the habit of drinking it, as Lipton makes a very good tasting green tea with Citrus. So basically, I think there is no real way around it except staying clean.Hope that helps.

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