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Can ecstasy kill you

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Ecstasy can cause sweating, dry mouth (thirsty), increased heart rate, fatigue, muscle spasms (especially jaw-clenching) and hyperthermia which can lead to death even after one usage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-ecstasy-kill-you ]
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more people die from chocking on peanuts then from ecstasy. ecstasy dehydrates your body so u need to drink cold water, if u get dehydrated (not drinking any water) you can go to the hospital. ecstasy also doesnt let you pee and u may drink...
Yes, it can. Its one of the few drugs that can kill you the first time you take it, and with what is generally considered an average dosage. Different people react differently to it, but the leading cause of ecstasy related deaths is dehydr...
Just how dangerous is ectasy? TheSite investigates the drug that the tabloids love to hype.

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Can ecstasy kill the first time you take it or only taking it once?
Q: ok i see thanks. How would i know if the pill is genuine? by which image. What is a safe dose?
A: It can. Ecstasy is usually ridiculously impure and tends to be cut with a bunch of other crap. Unless you know you're getting pure MDMA, then you run the risk of taking something you probably didn't want to. And with that you run the risk of dying of an overdose.Though as far as I know, unless you are allergic to (pure) MDMA that is not cut with anything else, it's really rare for you to die.
how many of you people think that one pill ecstasy could kill you to death for first time user?
Q: because i recentaly read an article it said that "ecstasy i very dangorous for first time users"is it true .what are the effects of it.
A: "Kill you to death." I thought that was the only way there was to die... To death.Too much Ecstasy perhaps? Yes... You can die the very first time you try it... as with all non prescription street drugs. See Dick do EcstasySee Dick dance in a over crowded, over heated clubSee Dick become dehydratedSee Dick's potassium levels drop drasticallySee Dick not notice because he is high out of his mind humping the wall.See Dick die!Don't be a Dick.
does drinking alcohol kill the ecstasy?
Q: i popped a thizz or (ecstasy) pill and i want to drink but i heard from i friend that if i did so it would kill the effect of the pill is it true or not??? (By the way it would be hennessy that i would be drinking)
A: depends on the person... for me it does.if you're going to do hard drugs, you should at least be smart about doing them. Ecstacy makes you dehydrated so drinking any alcohol while on it is a bad idea. I also do not suggest doing cocaine w/ ecstacy... you'll lose the E buzz till the coke wears off.weed, shrooms, acid all go well w/ xtacy.Really, though, you should educate yourself on the drugs you're doing, so you can have fun and not be in the hospital. Check out the site below. There's another really good one, but I can't remember it right now.

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