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Can codeine get you high

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Yes, codeine can get you high and is highly addictive. Alcohol should not be taken when using codeine. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-codeine-get-you-high ]
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How do you get high on codeine?
you have to filter the codeine out through a coffee filter then you drink the final product(yellowish liquid) once consumed the liquid will be turned into morphine via the liver.
How much codeine gets you high.
Sexual side affects of hydra codone. Mucinex with codeine schedule. Promethazine with codine. Gelocatil codeina.
Can APAP/Codeine get you high?
To some extent it can make people high. Codeine is a prodrug meaning Codeine has very little if any actions. However, Codeine is broken down into Morphine, which is what actually provides pain relief. However about 200 mg of Codeine is equa...

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How much codeine should one take to get high?
Q: I've found some 30mg codeine phosphate pills, just wondering how many I should take to get a high.
A: Nice :D I wish I could find shit like that laying around....Take about 150-180mg to feel amazing (5-6 pills) If they have acetaminophen (tylenol) in them though, don't take more then 10,000mg of the tylenol in 24hrs, it can cause liver failure. If they have a lot of tylenol just do a cold water extraction. Crush up the pills, put them in water, put that water in the freezer (but dont let it turn to ice) then take it out and strain it through a t-shirt or coffee filter, then drink :D it will be all codeine and no tylenol, not really necessary if it doesn't have much tylenol though, or if you arn't going to do it again today. Enjoy
How many codeine pills should I take to feel high?
Q: I was perscribed codeine a while back for something, but I saved them for when I was bored instead of for the pain. I was just curious how many pills would make me sufficiently high?So are there any helpful or informative answers. If you think I'm stupid at least be kind enough to support why you think so...instead of leaving comments like -stupid or moron...enlighten me if you think I'm an idiot. Don't talk shit. Haven't you ever heard of constructive criticism?
A: depends how strong it is and how muich u weight. but just two is good . but i wouldnt do it because i had a friend who had a seizer from popping codeine.
Does fiorinal with codeine give you the high feeling like vicodin?
Q: I have just the regular fiorinal but am going to ask my Dr for the kind with codeine for my migrains. I know codeine is considered a narcotic but I've taken 222 pills and never felt "HIGH" does fiorinal with codeine make you high? And if not why is it a narcotic?
A: Fiorinal is a barbiturate, the codeine while not exactly structurally the same as vicodin will get you "high". The barbiturate in Fiorinal is called butabutal and is in itself a narcotic.

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