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Can air duster be detected on a drug test

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It can not be detected whether or not someone huffs air duster on a drug test. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-air-duster-be-detected-on-a-drug-test ]
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Can you drug test for Air Duster?
if you really gave a damn you wouldnt have been huffing it in the first place
Will air duster show on a drug test?
No, but it will kill you quick or give you severe brain damage so don't do it. People here ask what's the worst drug, and the usual answers are crack and meth. They're both fine candidates for the title of worst drug, but I'd say the very w...
Will Air Duster Show Up In A Drug Test?
In the more advanced tests, yes...more and more dr.'s and clinics are using these tests.

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