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Why would my Diarrhea be yellow

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Yellow diarrhea can indicate several different things. For one, it can mean that food is passing through the digestive tract too quickly. This can be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease.Yellow diarrhea can also be caused from bacteria or bile. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-my-diarrhea-be-yellow ]
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Why would my Diarrhea be yellow
Yellow diarrhea can indicate several different things. For one, it can mean that food is passing through the digestive tract too quickly. This can be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease.Yellow diarrhea can also be caused from bacteria...
What causes yellow diarrhea?
Yellow diarrhea could be caused by a number of things including viruses, bacteria, parasites, or even food allergies. If your diarrhea is persistent, worsens or lasts more than a few days call your doctor for an exam.
What causes yellow diarrhea in adults?
Yellow diarrhea in adults can be caused by inadequate bile production which indicates a potentially serious issue in the liver. It could also be from a bacterial infection, or as a side effect of GERD. For more information look here: http:/...

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Why do I get yellow diarrhea?
Q: This is quite embarrasing but I have very weird bowel movements. I have constant diarrhea and sometimes I poop yellow oil like substances. I haven't been thinking much about it, but I get it a lot now. Sometimes, it goes away and comes back. Two months ago, my bowel movement was find but i started having to go all the time and i would always have yellow diarrhea. My first time experiencing this was in the 6th grade which was, 2005 and it eventually went away but now it's just acting up again. The last time I had it was, two days ago, i believe in the middle of the day after eating something. I researched it a bit, and I seriously have no clue what I have.If you experienced it too, please tell me about it and if you have any answers, please comment!Thank you! :]
A: If you usually have it after eating something, it is something you ate that is causing it.... maybe some specific ingredient or type of food. If it seems to be semi-chronic you should go see your doctor as they would be able to properly screen for any inflammation of your bowls that may be causing it to act up every so often. However, if it's just once in awhile after you eat something it's no big deal... it happens!
35 weeks diarrhea, gas pains, yellow discharge?
Q: So last night I started waking up to really bad gas pains and I had to use the bathroom and it was all watery and diarrhea like, every time i would go to lay back down these gas pains would come back and i would have to go to the bathroom again and again my gas pains hurt really bad. So I woke up and went to work this morning period like cramps at work (like your about to start your period) and was having the gas pains not so much but a lil at work. went to use the bathroom and there was this weird yellow discharge in my underwear very oddI know its not a yeast infection because I dont itch it doesnt hurt to pee or anything but it wasnt like my mucus plug that I lost last time I was pregnantI had diarrrhea and gas pains when i was in labor last time which is why iam asking this question I was wondering if it was normal or could it mean labors coming sooner than I think...Do you think that yellow discharge could be my mucus plug? and what are these cramps?Thank you
A: Well if you're having gas pains - take some simethicone for it. It'll help with the pain. The cramping feeling that's normal. It could be braxton hicks contractions, they could be real but irregular contractions that are preparing your body for labor. You'll have these more and more frequently in the next month or so. The yellow discharge is normal. The diarrhea is normal based on the position of the baby. The mucous plug would be thick (think like jello) and pink or red. A white/yellow discharge is normal. Wear some pantiliners to save your panties. All of these things are changes that your body is making to prepare for labor. It can still be weeks off yet.
7 month old son has diarrhea, has had it for almost 5 days now. No fever, drinking normally eating normally.?
Q: I am not sure why my son has diarrhea its watery and yellow (SORRY FOR TMI) he is eating right drinking right no fever he is acting like himself just having poopy alot. Anyone know what the deal is? I did talk to the doc said dont worry about it unless he isn't taking enough fluids. Any adivce would be appreciated... thank youwell i found out he has the rotavirus but it should take care of itself in 2-3 weeks just wanted to thank everyone for their advice
A: Did your doctor suggest Pedialyte? You should give your son something like that to make sure his electrolytes don't get out of balance.I'm surprised your doctor isn't worried about it. Five days is a LONG time to have that condition. I'd double check with the doc.

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