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Why is sanitation important

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Failing sanitation means that people have direct contact with environmental contaminants, including human feces. If we do not properly sanitize then disease will spread and it may be hard to fight. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-sanitation-important ]
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Sanitation is so important to the health and well being of all people on Earth. Without good,clean sanitation systems disease can break out very quickly and be easily spread.
It prevents the cause and spread of easily avoidable diseases.
Travel to a third world country and you will know the answer right away. If the sight does`nt convince you, then take a huge whiff. If that doesn`t do it, take a drink of water and wait for the eruptions that will develop in your behind. Ea...

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Why is sanitation important in the Cosmetology field?
A: there are many reasons1. people come with germs and u don't want them and u don't want to spread them2. u don't want ur germs spreading to other ppl. ppl pay a cosmetologist for their services and wouldnt want someone with dirty hands in a dirty salon working. if u went to a restaurant, would u eat if the place was dirty and the serves were unclean?3. cosmetologists can lose there license and may get fined if they aren't sanitary....that's over a year's worth of training down the drain then.
why is sanitation important?
A: - Human excrement carries with it a lot of disease & pathogens such as worms and parasites- Waste attracts disease carrying hosts such as rats- It smells horrible if you don't have it
why is it important to have safety sanitation in the kitchen??
A: Germs and cross contamination can make you really sick. If you cut raw meat on a cutting board,. do not cut your vegetables on the same board as the bloody juices have already sat there for a time, and that's now contaminated your food. I cook for a nursing home and we have many rules from the state health department to follow such as meat must be a certain temp to be safe. We have different cutting boards for different foods. Everything gets stored and labeled at the proper refrigerated temp. All of our pans and utensils get washed and sanitized before using again.. even if that means 10 times a day,, it gets done. Otherwise you get a lot of people with food poisoning and other nasty gastric illnesses,. Doing this for a living really opens your eyes to how you cook at home and keep things safe.

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