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Why does your nose peel

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Staphylococci can be found normally in the nose and on the skin of 20%-30% of healthy adults and cause you nose to peel. In the majority of cases, the bacteria do not cause disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-nose-peel ]
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Why does your nose peel
Staphylococci can be found normally in the nose and on the skin of 20%-30% of healthy adults and cause you nose to peel. In the majority of cases, the bacteria do not cause disease.
Why is my nose peeling?
The sunburn is making your nose peel. Go to the store and buy a lotion. You should buy a after-sun lotion. You should be able to find it. It is for after a sunburn.
What causes nose to peel?
Yesterday I noticed that little flakes were coming off Shandi's nose. It had only just started in the afternoon. You know how most dogs have different nose rpints like humans have different finger prints. Well this "print" is peel...

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Does TCA peel for home use work for all skin types?
Q: I have light olive skin. I've always felt that my skin has a thick texture. I basically have shallow scars and reddish dark discoloration on my nose from previous acne.I purchased a 25% TCA peel from an accredited website with a liscenced esthetician. I only applied the peel on my nose. My skin turned red but did not peel even though I applied it a couple of times. Then I purchased the well-known Ezpeel from the internet which is also a TCA peel with an approximate 20% strength. applied it on my nose and my skin turned red again but did not peel yet again. I kept on applying it but my skin would not peel. Why is this happening to me? I mean the TCA peel makes your skin peel right, so why did my skin not peel, not even the slightest. Is it because of my thick skin texture, I don't know. Has anybody experienced similar problems or heard about a case similar to mine?What do i do to make the TCA peel my skin?
A: Ask your doctor if you can have stronger doses unless as its turning red it hurts, then idk what... but talk to your doctor.
Why does the skin in my ear canals peel?
Q: It is skin, not wax - its large white pieces of dead skin. I'm a 21 white female from America of western european descent, so I know its not flaky style ear wax. It makes my ears itchy, and as soon as I remove it, the itching stops. I have been to an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor and he said "your ears just do that." Is he right, or is it something else?It is definitely not dried up shampoo, conditioner, gel or any other hair product. It's coming from inside my ear canal, and looks just like skin that peels from a sunburn, similar to find a snakeskin in my ear
A: It can be a vicious circle, scratch an itch and it itches more. Scratch again and eventually the skin peels off.I have done it and had the same result!
is your skin sensitive to the sun or does it handle the sun well?
Q: I also shed my summer tanned skin...when it starts to get to fall...my tanned layer of skin stars to peel and disappears. I go back to my original skin tone underneath. The weird thing is my face never tans either or gets darker?? My nose sometimes gets darker and burns and then peels later. WHY?My skin is sensitive to the sun...it has been for a couple of years now..when it comes to summer..i cannot be in the sun very long....my skin burns, goes red, and the skin that got burned peels...i get skin peeling and flaking. I get tan lines all over my body too. haha. it is the funniest thing to see.My skin cannot tolerate the sun anymore...it is very sensitive. How about you?What I find weird though is..I am supposed to have melanin right..so why am I sensitive to the sun for?
A: I'm black & hispanic and I burn like crazy. I use sunblock 90 and nothing good comes of it. My husband who is Swedish, which is very pale, also uses sunblock and gets burnt too. My husband calls himself a tomato after he gets burnt; me I turn into a cajun meal. However, our children handle the sun very well. In the end I just think with all the global warming that no one is safe no matter how light to dark they are we all must limit our sunexposure to 30 minutes or less (if possible).Until the sun rays become less we'll just survive by...sunblock, hats, umbrellas, etc.

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