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Why does my dog lick my pillow case

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Dogs may have a licking problem due to a neurological disease, liver failure, hydrocephalus or seizures. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-dog-lick-my-pillow-case ]
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Why does a dog lick your pillow?
It is a comfort type thing and it realeses endorphines that make them feel good.
Why does my dog lick pillows and bed sheets alot?
Licking obsessions are very common in pet dogs. Some dogs lick their People, some lick a favorite Pillow or Cushion, the Rug, the Bed, etc.. Psychological anxiety (usually brought on by boredom) can worsen an oral fixation. Two dogs with th...
Can anyone tell me why my dog keeps licking my pillows and my sof...?
My dog also does this. She normally does this while I am gone though. I believe that she does it because it has my sent on it.

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Why does my dog keep licking: Pillows, pillow cases, blankets, couches... or any type of fabric?
Q: No matter how much I punish her, she just hides and keeps licking, she doesn't stop licking EVER. Unlike my new puppy which doesn't lick AT ALL. They're both dachshunds, Negri is 3 years old and Lolo is one year old. Negri licks EVERYTHING and Lolo has never licked one thing... I don't know why though... So, help?
A: Pica, displacement activity, boredom, canine OCD. Try increasing her exercise every day (tired dogs are good dogs!), and if that doesn't help, talk to your vet.
My dog likes to lick my Mom's pillow why does he do that?
Q: Yes I do wash her pillow case regulary just b/c I find this gross.He's half yellow lab half chinese sharpay enjoys chasing my outside farm cats.
A: My dog does the same thing. I think it's my facial lotion or something.
Why does my dog lick my pillows?!!!?
Q: Whenever she gets the chance to sneak in my room, my 2 year old australian shepherd jumps on my bed and licks my pillows! I have to change my pillow cases everyday! We have a gate up, but she still finds a way to get into my room. She never licks anyone elses pillows, its always mine. She occasionally licks my clothing when I have it where she can get it. Why does she do this?
A: My dog does the same thing, and I've figured it out. He likes the scent of you (or your hair products) and loves the smell of you! Dogs smell with their nose, and they smell more with their tongue. Also, you could have dropped a drink or food also :-) I hope this helped!BTW, my dog licks EVERYTHING and I have no idea why! It's strange, and I still haven't figured it out.

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