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Most cases are hereditary, caused by a disease or syndrome, or due to an injury. Sometimes one eye may change color in later life. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-people-have-different-colored-eyes-%26%2345%3B%26%2345%3B%26%2345%3B-like-one-brown-and-one-blue-eye ]
Most cases are hereditary, caused by a disease or syndrome, or due to an injury. Sometimes one eye may change color in later life.

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Why do most White people have blonde and red hair, while Blacks,Latinos,Indians,and Asians have black/brown?
Q: Whites have many different and varing hair colors, and eye colors, but i have seen many people of different races with different eye colors, like Vanessa Williams and her brother Chris Williams, Smokey Robinson, and Michael ealy, not to mention my moms friend he is an old black male dark dkinned with dark blue eyes, and also my friend who is a black male light skin with green eyes, also my godsister is a light skin jamacian with color changing eyes, one day she would have hazel then green then blue then gray,even some times two colors at once, but im sure these people dont have any white people in their families; And myself im Black,Indian,And Puerto Rican with light skin naturelly curly hair, that is now straight and changed from black to brown and is now red, with light brown eyes that look like they are gonna turn gray. can someone explain why these people have these eyes and why my hair is red now, and my eyes might turn gray, im pretty sure im not white/carcausion.
A: well it depends on what races are mixed in your family, I'm white and Indian and french but have medium brown hair , blue eyes and light tan skin , guess all the stuff mixed together create those effects
why is it "self hating" when a person doesnt identify with their race or if they try to look different?
Q: lets say for example that a black woman chooses to "relax" her hair or get a weave or extensions or a wig instead of her "natural hair". she gets crap for it. if an asian decides to change the shape of his/her eyes he/she gets called a self hater. although for some reason if white people get tanned they dont get called self haters.now here is where I find there to be a hypocrisy. you cant say that all people of a certain race look the same right? you cant say "all black people have nappy hair" "all white people are pale and white" or "all hispanic people are brown" right? just as you can't say that big butts are an exclusive black trait, or that colored eyes are a white trait, or that wide eyes(the ones most asians have) are an asian trait, you simply just cant say that any race owns any trait right?so why is it that if a person chooses to get rid of a trait that is most common in their race, or get a trait that is found more commonly in other races, that they are self haters? i mean since when if a black person chooses to get artificial hair that they are "self haters" because they arent "rockin" their "natural hair"? and what if an asian chooses to get rounder eyes? or lets say if a hispanic person chooses to get "blue eye contacts" that now they're "trying to be white"? (believe me I would include the white people getting tans but they dont get crap for it unless they overdo it and look like oompa loompas. LOL)I mean isn't it hypocritical? to get called a "self hater" if you want to get rid of a trait that is common among your race when not every person in your race has that trait? like if someone with brown eyes chooses to get "blue contacts" they are "trying to be white" yet not all white people have blue eyes. or if a white girl gets butt implants then "shes trying to be black" when not all black people have big butts.so would you agree with me that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies? that they arent "self haters" when not every person of their race owns a certain trait?I forgot to mention. if a person is biracial then why do they get crap for not identify with one half of their race? you cant say that somebody will act a certain way or do something simply because of their race right? so why should a person be forced to act a certain way because of their race?
A: I think people here get so caught up defending their ace, they forget that off the computer they do the same hypocritical things they judge others for doing. That's how they know so many stereotypes. It's funny how many black users come on here acting like they know nothing negative about the black community(every race has it's negatives) but they post such self hating questions themselves tearing down blacks by skin color, natural or fake hair, blacks dating inter racially, Beyonce(lol).I bet these type of questions they avoid on purpose because they realize how stupid they sound, ignorant and hypocritical they are. Why is it black men and women no matter what color say "I don't like dark skin" when off the internet, but get upset when non blacks date them? People call me a self hater, oh because I'm not a one race defender and I'm honest on things they aren't or won't admit they know about. I love who I am, I don't hate on other black women either. But when ever some one tells them the truth about their fake selves they'll call you any name they can think of.
Why don't guys ask me out?
Q: All of the older people I know, like some of mom's friends (mainly men) have commented on my looks. Just the other day, mama met back up with one of her guy friends in high school at a ballgame. She introduced him to me and afterwards when we were walking out, right in front of me, he said, "She's absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful."In fact, there's been people tell me that all my life. But, it's always older people. My mom was realllyy pretty in high school, and she had the hottest guy at her school crushing on her. He wrote her love notes. :) And me and my mom look a lot a like, just different coloring.I've got brown hair and blue/grey/green eyes. She's got DARK brown hair and brown eyes. She's says my eyes remind her of Adriana Lima's...& I'm not just extremely self-concious or anything. I've got great confidence, well, it appears that I do. Oftentimes, I feel ugly.But, if I'm so "gorgeous," why do guys my own age never ask me out?? (i'm 14)I mean they stare at me all the time, my friends tell me. & I see it myself. They must think I'm attractive. Why won't they ask me out? Are they just scared or what? There is this guy that's B-E-A-UTIFUL that I have a huge crush on, and he stares at me all the time. But, he nevers tries to talk to me, just stares. We met and he said hey, and just smiled real sweet like. That's all. His brother told this guy I know that my crush thought I was hot, he just didn't know how to come up and talk to me and ask me out... Why not? I'm NOT shy!Please help.. I've asked some questions already and NO ONE answered.? Thanks.
A: I think it's because they might feel 'intimidated' by your really good looks. Maybe they stereotype you as one of them really good looking girls who are stuck up and only talk to really gorgeous boys. They might think that if they talk to you, you would reject them so by not asking you out they are avoiding rejection. I suggest you start a conversation with the guy who has a crush on you and let him know that you're a really nice person then maybe he would ask you out.. :)

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