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Why do blood vessels pop

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Blood vessels pop for a variety of reasons: trauma, high blood pressure, defect in the vessel wall, irritation (allergy), disease process, strenuous exercising, vomiting, pregnancy & some medications. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-blood-vessels-pop ]
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What can happen if you pop blood vessels on your face
Broken blood vessels are often the first sign of facial aging. Some can be treated by injection sclerotherapy or by laser removal.
Why do blood vessels pop in your eye?
i don't know, search it on like ask or google or something like that
What causes blood vessels to pop in the eyes?
Have you had your blood pressure checked or been checked for diabetes? I would also make an eye appointment since it seems your eye is suffering from "pressure" and it could be something quite serious.

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Why do my blood vessels pop around my eyes whenever I throw up?
Q: So to be honest I woke up hungover & threw up to get all the alcohol out of my system. I purge violently whenever this happens even though its not my intention & I always get these popped blood vessels around my cheeks it looks like I got socked. Can someone please explain to me from a medical perspective why this is? Thanks.
A: Are you a long time chronic drinker? If so, this is one of the signs of liver disease. If you are not and have no other diseases, it is a result of the incredible pressure created during vomiting. Best to give yourself a physical exam for your birthday.
Why do my face blood vessels pop everytime i throw up?
Q: This is the 3rd time this month that I have thrown up and all the blood vessels in my face pop leaving me with a very ugly look. I dont know why it happens and i try not to heave but is there any way I can prevent this from happening in the future
A: John, you obviously have a drinking problem. That's why you have the visible blood vessels in your face. The force of vomiting is bursting them. Please cut back or quit the booze. Then your complexion will improve.-MM
do you know why my blood vessels 'pop' in my fingers and hands?
Q: i was doing somthing earlier when suddenly i had a sharp pain in the side of my finger. i look, and it quickly was turning purple. for about 5 minutes the pain was awful,then just stayed sore. it has happened before on top of my hand and other fingers. i did not hit it or anything. my mother thinks it is a vessel popping under the skin. is it? and why does it happen? and how do i stop from doing it,it really hurts.
A: I think you should talk to your doctor. If you have a condition where your blood vessels break easily you might have more to worry about than bruises on your hands. A broken blood vessel in the brain is a type of stroke and is very serious. It is usually preceded by a severe headache.

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