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When did shakespeare's son die

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In 1596, Shakespeare's son Hamnet contracted the deadly disease and died at the age of eleven. He was buried on August 11, 1596. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-did-shakespeare%27s-son-die ]
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When did Shakespeare's son die?
Hamnet, William Shakrspeare's son, and twin brother of Judith, was born around February 1585 and died in August 1596. He was 11 years old. he died when he was eleven years old in August, 1596. Unknown causes.
How did shakespeare's son die?
They have a record of his death, but no cause listed... however, most of the listings surrounding Hamnet's are deaths due to the plague. Therefore, historians often believe the "best guess" is that he too died of the plague.
How did William Shakespeare's son die?
Hamnet, William Shakrspeare's son, and twin brother of Judith, was born around February 1585 and died in August 1596. He was 11 years old and the cause of his death is unknown.

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If Shakespeare's son is called Hamnet why is the play called Hamnet?
Q: There is a theory that's denies the existence os shakespeare and this might be a reason to support it. His son died when he was eleven did he just change the name slightly or did someone else write the play and get the name wrong?
A: There is no play called Hamnet
Shakespeare questions?
Q: I have questions about William Shakespeare's life. I learned that Shakespeare left his family and traveled to London for theater. Was there something wrong with Shakespeare and Anne Hathawy's relationship? When he died, why did he leave everything he owns to his own daughter, Susan, when he wasn't there to see her grow up? What happened to Shakespeare's wife after he moved out? Shakespeare used to be the owner of The Lord Chamberlainsmen (changed later to Kings Men). Were these names of clubs he participated in? When Shakespeare wrote his plays, how long did each play he wrote take to complete? What publisher did William Go to as far as having his plays published? Lastly, what did William's son die of at age 11?
A: The Lord Chamberlain's men were an acting troupe based in London, but also touring when the plague hit London, who were sponsored by the Lord Chamberlain, later when King James I became King in 1603(?) he took over patronage of the acting troupe and they renamed as the King's men. Shakespeare was a part owner with 8 other members of the King's men of the Globe Theatre and Blackfriar's theatre in London, and wrote and acted with them in the plays.The plays were written, and rehearsed in the theatre in the mornings, while performances took place in the afternoon. So no time scale can be placed on the writing, but it was probably a few weeks or months. The troupe of actors performed a different play each afternoon during the summer months, and were constantly introducing new plays while letting others fall out of use.The plays were written to be performed and would have been published only when they were no longer required for performance. Even then, the evidence suggests that Shakespeare only published plays when the troupe could not perform, because of the plague, and needed to raise money. Eighteen of the plays were not published until after Shakespeare's death, when in 1623 a compete works was published by the surviving members of his acting troupe.There is not much evidence of Shakespeare's personal life.
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A: Nice I am going to print it and post it in my book ThANk

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