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What will happen if a dog doesn't get their shots

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Vaccinations protect your dog against such killers as rabies, parvovirus, and distemper and against other diseases such as MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-happen-if-a-dog-doesn%27t-get-their-shots ]
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How old are dogs when they get there shots?
It really depends if you are adopting a puppy or a adult dog. here is a link with a vaccination schedule for puppies http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/articl... Its very important that you get all booster shots when you have a puppy. For ad...
Is it necessary for a dog to get his shots every year??
"It depends" I know some vets will do a titier on dogs to see if they need the vaccines now. You might want to check with your vet to see if they will do that. You might want to see if you can find out which part of the shot they ...
When do dogs get rabie shots
My Vet recommends at 4 months, one year later, every 3 years after that. If exposed to rabies, then a booster is given. You gave your dog his/her shots yourself?

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Pet store puppys! I just felt I had to!!!?
Q: PET STORES: THE NEW LIEPet stores are out to make money. Period. The salespeople they hire will say practically anything to get you to pay an obscene amount of money for a puppy that is likely defective. That being said, here's the real scoop on the poop pet stores will try to feed you.RealityThe majority of the puppies sold in pet stores come from breeding farms called puppy mills. These dog farms typically keep dozens or hundreds of dogs in tiny, filthy pest and feces infested crates their entire lives, producing litter after litter. They rarely receive veterinary care, exercise, or attention. Most will be shot when they stop producing puppies. Many of the puppies produced by these places have genetic defects and health problems related to the conditions they are raised in. Most of them will die young. Click below for more information and photos on puppy mills:Puppy MillsBUT THEY SAID...Of course pet store owners don't want you to know all of this, because if you did, there's no way you'd ever pay thousands of dollars for one of their puppies. So here are some of the lies and misleading statement's I've heard: The pet store said: Our puppies don't come from puppy mills. We get them from responsible breeders.Truth: A responsible breeder would NEVER sell a puppy to a pet store. NO EXCEPTIONS. The first rule of responsible breeding is to do everything in your power to make sure your puppies are properly cared for and find new owners that will care for them as well as you did. A responsible breeder will want to meet and interview prospective owners, have a contract, and keep in touch throughout the puppy's life to make sure everything is OK. They won't pass this responsibility off to a 16-yr old pet store employee.The pet store said: Our puppies are better quality because they come from other states. They're not inbred like the dogs you can get from a breeder around here.Truth: Just because a dog comes from another state doesn't mean it's not inbred. In fact, most puppy mills are located in states like Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and a good portion of the dogs produced by them are inbred. Ask to see a copy of the puppy's pedigree - this will list the last 4 generations of your puppy's bloodline. Write down the name of the breeding kennel and investigate. How many litters does the kennel produce? Do they do genetic testing? Do they show their dogs and breed only healthy dogs that are good examples of the breed in order to improve the quality of future generations? How many times does the same dog appear on the puppy's pedigree? Your best bet is to get a puppy directly from a responsible breeder that will be there to support you, cares about the quality of their dogs above any costs, and stands behind the quality of their line. The pet store said: Our puppies have a lifetime guarantee. You won't get that from a breeder.Truth: Ask what happens if you buy a puppy from a pet store and 3 years from now it develops debilitating hip dysplasia. They will likely tell you that you can return the dog and they'll give you a new one. What??? So your dog, that is now a member of your family, continues to live in pain or is euthanized, and you start over with a new puppy...only to have the same thing happen again? Prevention is the key here. A responsible breeder will not breed a dog with major health issues, and will always screen the parents for any diseases common to that particular breed prior to breeding. Ask what tests have been done (ie: OFA Hips, Thyroid, Eyes, Elbows, Heart, etc) and ask to see copies of the results. Chances are, if your puppy's parents are healthy, your pup is more likely to be healthy too. Most responsible breeders will guarantee their puppies for a period of time that will allow you to take the pup to your vet for a screening.The pet store said: All of our puppies are healthy. Just look at them.Truth: What you don't see is the puppy with mange in the back room, or the one with parvo that the owner brought to his house. (I've actually seen these things...) Not to mention, just because a puppy looks cute and fluffy doesn't mean it's healthy. A lot of problems can arise later in life, or a puppy might not show any symptoms of a disease until he reaches a certain age.The pet store said: We offer a payment plan. You'll have to pay up front from a breeder.Truth: They have to offer a payment plan because they charge 3-5 times the amount of a typical responsible breeder. Buying from a breeder is usually equivalent to the cost of the first payment at a pet store. If you're seriously low on cash and want a pet, look into adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization - it's cheaper, and the dogs are already spayed/neutered and up to date on shots.By purchasing a dog from a pet store, you are creating a demand for puppy millers to supply and your dollars are supporting their cruelty and mistreatment ofAFTER READING THIS WOULD YOU BUY FROM A PET STORE???????
A: Amen!!! Very well said and very informative. Even before reading this I would have NEVER bought a dog from a pet store. Besides, I prefer to rescue my dogs from shelters.
My Dog vs My Family - Help!?
Q: I'm 16 and I purchased a German Shepherd dog and she is about 3 months old. I bought her with my own money, $150. I payed for her shots and I'm going to have to pay for her spaying in a few days. I don't pay for her dog food but I pay half. Anyway, she's MY dog. My parents agreed before I bought her she'd be mine and I'd be the one disciplining her and cleaning up after her and I agreed. However, this hasn't been the case - every time I try to correct her "my way", they (being my mother, my grandmother, and my 10 year old brother) will step in and undermine my decision, which does NOT consist of physical hitting. They, however - if she starts chewing on their ankles or won't move when they walk , will hit her very hard in the face and yell at her. Lately she has become very submissive towards them. I am aware a pack leader should be dominant and the less dominate (my dog) should obey the pack leader and should be submissive, but not THIS submissive. She will crouch and her ears will come down whenever ANY of them come around. It is REALLY making me VERY upset. I do not condone any hitting whatsoever on dogs. I live in a very southern place (rural GA) and they still go by the "old" rules. For example, if the dog is jumping up on me or something, I'll walk forward until she gets off. I will then tell her to sit, which she does. She sits very well, actually. But with them, they'll start yelling and smacking her in the face. Same with making a mess. If we're gone and she gets into the garage trashbag, which she has twice, they will FLIP A SH*T on her and go crazy when in reality a dog does not know what he or she is being punished for unless it is at that very moment. That's true, right? My parents wouldn't even pay to get her taken to the vet, so they bought a 7-in-1 shot at the feed store. I, however, took her to the vet myself and paid for her shots and rabies.I try to tell them their method DOESN'T work and won't work and the dog will resent them when she gets older, but they don't listen. I told her that when I got home from school a few minutes ago and she said I was being disrespectful because I said "You don't know how to properly discipline her, huh?" and I went inside. She overreacted and took my laptop, but she left so I got it back and am typing this right now lol. Also, NOW the family wants to get rid of her. I can't believe it. I bought that dog and have invested about $400 on her with my money that I earned myself. I understand I live here and this is my mother's house and not mine, but I feel like since I bought her and made a commitment to train and work with her that they should let me. I don't know what to do. We have a stake and a 20 ft chain and my mom said when she got old enough she would be chained in the yard. I really, really do NOT want that to happen and I wish my mom would have warned me before I spent money and got emotionally attached to this girl. I love her a lot and I'd hate for her to become aggressive or be given away at the hand of one of my family members.Please tell me what to do. I don't want to be disrespectful to my parents but I also want my dog to have the best life possible! Thank you.
A: Sweetie, I totally feel for you. I have a pack in my home too. In this case the only advice I can offer is to sit your family down and talk to them. You need to be the mature person in their eyes if you want to be the pack leader of your dog. You do sound very responsible and mature in what you have written and I think you need to show that to them.Another thing that I would suggest is to get a kennel. If you kennel train the dog and have the dog in your room while you are at school then the dog is more likely not to get into trouble when you are at school. It also is a way for the dog to feel secure. I am not saying lock the dog up and throw away the key, but kennel training a dog can sincerely help in correcting their behavioral problems.Good luck. Let us know what happens.
have to revisit site of accident tomorrow..having bad anxiety about it?
Q: I need to ask if what i am going through tonight is normal. Tomorrow i am going back (with my husband and kids) to my parents house where i was attacked by my sister's large dog a week and a half ago..(fortunately the dog doesn't live at my parents house). But i am having an overwhelming amount of anxiety tonight and can't fall asleep, b/c i am so nervous about walking up on the porch where the attack happened. My doctor said i could have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder that has developed because of this.. I am almost in tears thinking about seeing the place i was attacked, and worst of all my sister and her husband will be there, who haven't even called to ask how i am doing (oh and neither has my mother asked how i am doing). They are mad at me because after the attack happened to my leg i had to go into the ER to get stitches, a tetanus shot , and to be put on antibiotics..and the dr had to notify the police that this happened so the dog could be quarentined. So they are giving me grief saying that if i didn't go in to the ER, they wouldn't have to quarentine the dog. Please someone offer some words of help, it would be much appreciated to understand that maybe what i am feeling tonight is normal for after having an accident, and if you could include why someone would put the love of a dog over their sister or daughter? I am really struggling, thanks..
A: I know how you feel. I was attacked by my neighbors dog, and they recently got evicted from their home, and the dog is gone, and I am still afraid to go outside. I am sorry about the attack and your leg. I hope you are doing better and it heals. I think you are going to have to rely on the love of your husband and kids to get you through this. Take it slow, deep breaths, and just take it one step at a time. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to meet your family at a restaurant instead of at the house this time and next visit try the house. I am going to take a wild guess that your mother and sister are narcissistic. That is the only reason I could think of why they would blame you for the situation. Narcissistic people are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and behaviors. They tend to blame others for every bad thing that happens in their lives. They are right and the world is all wrong, they don't have a problem, you do. They will often bully people, or pit people against each other, or just stir things up so you are fighting with each other and you don't notice their flaws. It is everybody else's fault that they have bad luck or loose a job, things like that. I am sorry, I hope you make it through this tough time. Peace be with you.

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