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What type of protists cause malaria

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The genus/protists Plasmodium causes malaria. Malaria has caused more human deaths than any other infectious disease.-ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-type-of-protists-cause-malaria ]
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What type of protists cause malaria
The genus/protists Plasmodium causes malaria. Malaria has caused more human deaths than any other infectious disease.-ChaCha!
What is the type of parasite that causes malaria?
Malaria is caused by protozoan parasites. In particular there are 4 protozoan species that can cause malaria in humans: the most serious forms of the disease are caused by Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax , but Plasmodium ovale an...
What is the name of the parasite that cause malaria?
Plasmodium falciparum. Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae

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A: 8. C9. A17. A20. B21. A24. DThat's all I know
i need some help with my bio?
Q: 1. Which of the following statements is not true about protists?A. Most protists live in aqueous conditions.B. All protists are prokaryotes.C. All protists require aerobic cellular respiration.D. Most protists are unicellular.2. What process is associated with phagocytosis?A. sexual reproductionB. locomotionC. feedingD. photosynthesis3. Read the statements below, then select the correct answer.Statement #1: African sleeping sickness is caused by a trypanosome, a type of flagellate.Statement #2: Red tides are caused by dinoflagellates, a type of algae.Statement #3: Potato blight is caused by an oomycete, or water mold.Statement #4: Malaria is caused by plasmodium, a sporozoan.A. All of the above statements are true.B. None of the above statements are true.C. Statements #1 and #2 are correct, but statements #3 and #4 are incorrect.D. Statements #3 and #4 are correct, but statements #1 and #2 are incorrect.4. Which of the following statements is true about algae?A. Algae reproduce through seeds.B. Algae do not have true roots, leaves, or other differentiated formations.C. Only some algae contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis.D. All of the above statements are true.
A: 1 D. Most protists are unicellular2 C. feeding3 A. All of the above statements are true.4 D. All of the above statements are true.
Biology help some help....plzzzzzz my work is due today?
Q: Which of the following organelles helps bacteria to move around? Cell wall Golgi bodies Flagella _______________ is a type of asexual reproduction in bacteria, where one bacteria replicates its genetic material and divides. Conjugation Binary fission Amplexus _______________ is a type of sexual reproduction in bacteria, where genetic material is exchanged between two bacteria. Conjugation Binary fission Amplexus A(n) _____________ is a hard outer covering that can protect the bacteria from drying out, heat (even boiling water), and even harsh chemicals. Exoskeleton Endospore Shell Which of the following is the process where bacteria convert Nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into a usable form for plants? Nitration Nitrogen fixation Ammonium converter Protista negatively impact humans by causing diseases such as malaria. True False Organisms in the fungus kingdom are autotrophs. True False Bacteria are _________________ and _________________. multicellular, prokaryotes unicellular, prokaryotes multicellular, eukaryotes unicellular, eukaryotes Question 12 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) What factors may have had an impact on the growth of the yeast? Sugar Temperature Both a and b ________________ are bacteria that live in extreme conditions like volcano vents. Archaebacteria Eubacteria Protists None of the above All organisms in the Protist Kingdom have _______________ type of cells. Prokaryote Eukaryote Single
A: 1. flagella2.binary fission3.conjugation4.endospore5.nitrogen fixation6.true7.false8.unicellular, prokaryotes(have cell walls)12. both a and b13archeobacteria14single

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