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What problems could you have with your small intestine

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Problems that can be associated with the small intestine are: Coeliac disease, Peptic ulcers, and Infections of the digestive tract. A lot of problems the stomach gets, can also occur in the small intestine. Thanks, ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-problems-could-you-have-with-your-small-intestine ]
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What problems could you have with your small intestine
Problems that can be associated with the small intestine are: Coeliac disease, Peptic ulcers, and Infections of the digestive tract. A lot of problems the stomach gets, can also occur in the small intestine. Thanks, ChaCha!
What problems would a person have if their small intestine wasn't...?
The small intestine is where the nutrients from the digested food coming out of the stomach are absorbed. If a person's small intestine is not functioning all the nutrients from food will pass straight through and be excreted.
Can high Cholesterol (Eating fatty foods) cause problems with the...?
Cholesterol absorption occurs primarily in the upper intestine. Many different organs such as the liver and pancreas also take part in the breakdown, synthesis and absorption. High cholesterol can affect many different organs. The higher th...

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Q: Medically, socially, spiritually, etc. I don't want to get into ALL the specifics, but, for example... I've actually gotten used to my doctors and nurses saying things like: oh, it is very rare to get this reaction to this med, so don't worry. Turns out, I DID get the reaction from the med. Or, pick lines almost never fail, so don't worry. Oh! it failed?? Well lets try another... that failed too?? My goodness, are YOU an unlucky girl!And: You either have an ulcer or this really rare cancer that older men usually get (i'm a young woman)... o.k.... we did the biopsy, and I'm sorry to tell you, that it's the very rare cancer.Pancreatitis? Lets do some tests to see what's causing it... wow, this is unusual. The stint the surgeon used to keep the opening from your pancreas to your small intestine open during surgery should have come out naturally afterwards, instead it went up into your pancreas.They gave me good chances that they could get it out if they tried to go in and remove it, but they tried twice and failed...I can't go into anything else, except I had agoraphobia (fear of leaving one's house and of most things) for several years. Problem is, I was severely abused by my parents the whole time... I can't be specific, but there was something they did that affected the rest of my life to where I am no longer capable of living normally. Nothing was done because they lied to the police. They were VERY good at that.Sooo... I don't want to bore you with any other details, there are so many more examples it would tire you and might even be somewhat unbelievable for you, so I'll spare you that, but what do you think?I've eaten a healthy vegetarian diet since i could sit in a high chair. My mother tried feeding me meat all the time, and i'd never take it. I'm still vegetarian... that's what makes the cancer even more unlikely. I'm also christian and I am happy with my spiritual life.Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer. (o:Camellia, your really cool for trying to help me with the diet aspect. (I don't live in abuse anymore by the way, I was eventually abandoned by my parents and was homeless long story)....For a few months now, I've followed the raw food diet outlined by doctor Lorraine Day.But lately....... well, you know as well as i do, your just not livin' period, without your haagen-daz!Still, i give you thumbs up.oh, and i absolutely need to continue some kind of oral chemo, (pill) because when i had to be off it for 2 months because of adverse reaction, the cancer spread like wildfire just in that short time. That hasn't happened before or since. I've been on 4 different kinds so far... also I've tried several different diets for health.I love my parents deeply and always will... forgiveness?? That goes without saying, I forgive everyone, and I've lived a very faithful life before the Lord, so that's not the problem.And, as i always say... if your not living a moderate and balanced life, how does one think they'll manage to walk with the Lord?*again, i'm not agoraphobic anymore.. i think it was the cancer that helped beat it out of me.I've been to several faith healing sessions, breaking curses... etc. after a while i didn't think it did anything, but i still forced myself to go to those for some time. See, that wasn't good for me.Bondage Breaker? I read and used that book soooo many times, it had stains, tears, i took it everywhere with me, until it literally fell apart.I'll end on a positive note: You know what i'm grateful for? I have actually survived 8 years of cancer so far. I almost died several times: complications from surgery like blood clot in my lung, and infection and from one of my chemos....... But I survived!!Ps... I was devoutly christian before all of this too. I have been devout since i was 14. Even though i had to practice privately (family hated it).Blessings upon all who answered. I do appreciate your efforts... how can i expect you to understand all this when I don't myself?Kudos for trying! +
A: I think you should change your diet. I think you should try a gluten free diet. If you're really ambitious, you should try a macrobiotic diet or a raw foods diet. Your body is rebelling against something. It's probably the food you're eating. Those will help dramatically with the health thing. The other rare things in your life....well, I can't help you with those.Vegetarian does not equal gluten free, macrobiotic or raw and I really do think you should look into the diet aspect. You wouldn't believe how many people are helped by diet. What has modern medicine done for you thus far? You still have agoraphobia, your cancer spread, and you're reacting to your meds. It sounds like it's time for something different. You have nothing to lose and may have something to gain.gah, I know! I found out I was allergic to milk recently so I can't have it anymore anyway. Can you believe it. I still sneak some occasionally anyway. I do about 90% raw. i don't think I could think about never eating cooked foods ever again. All things in moderation.
IBS, Crohn's, Intussusception, What do I have??
Q: Ok. I can honestly say that, after weeks of internet searches, I have not found anything that would help diagnose what I have. Do you want the challenge? Here you go:I am in my 30's and, unitl 12 months ago, the most serious thing I've ever had was a flu. It all started a yr ago when I was rushed to the ER with unbelievable intestinal cramps. CT scan showed a intestinal obstruction and exploratory surgery was done. Nothing was found. No tumor, no scar tissue (no previous surgeries), no bands, no inflamation, nothing. Since then, I have "episodes" roughly once a month. They include: severe cramps, extremelly noisy sounds, lots of air. It usually passes after 1-2 days, but sometimes it may take a week. Most of the time it is followed by the big D, but not always. I had a serious one last month, went to the hospital and CT revealed another partial intestinal obstruction. This time they did not operate and it went away. Pain was unbelievable and morphine was needed.I have seen a GI and have done blood tests, colonoscopy and small bowel series. All normal. The GI is puzzled, so am I. Here are the possibilities:IBS: Symptoms are similar, although i don't necessarilygo to the bathroom several times a day like IBS patients usually do. Plus, IBS does not cause intestinal blackage, or abnormal CTs CROHN's: My problems flare up like crohn's, so it could be an inflamatory condition that could also cause the obstruction. The problem is: I get no fever, no bleeding in the stool, no pain in the joints and the colonoscopy and small bowel series were normal. Plus, Crohns usually develop in the teens.TUMOR, INTUSSUSCEPTION, ETC...: The radiologist and my GI insist in saying that my small intestine was partially obstructed both times, but CT scan, SB series and colonoscopy revealed no growth or mechanical obstruction. Plus, during the exploratory surgery, nothing was found.So... What do I have? My next test is the pill cam, where you swallow a camera that takes pics of your small intestines. I am being careful with what I eat, since the episodes usually happen after a night meal and cause INTENSE overnight abdominal pains. Pains are usually located right below the stomack, always above the belly button. I am taking bentyl for the cramping plus peppermint teas and anything I can find to soothe the bowels. I recently cut dairy, wheat, sodas and alcohool. Sooo... what's wrong with me? Helpful insights are appreciated...!
A: Wow! Well, you've been through Hell and back, huh? I went through something somewhat similar.I'm 23 and female first off. I had pain in my abdomen for two years. It would move around and then finally settled in my lower right side. The doctors checked for appendicitis and did all kinds of OBGYN tests. They found small cysts (1cm-4cm) but nothing that would cause my pain. My OBGYN finally decided to do emergency surgery to remove cysts and check for ovarian torsion and check out my appendix. The cysts came out 4 hours later and so did my appendix. My appendix was normal but "congested" they said.The pain was gone for a few weeks and came back with a vengance. Only this time it was way worse. I got fevers with the pain and the pain had moved to my upper right side. The doctors ignored me at this point and I was so violently ill every time I'd have an episode. I wound up in the ER countless times because the pain was so severe and I'd be vomiting so much.Finally, I decided, enough was enough. I got a second opinion which my family agreed I should do. The doctor looked at my colonoscopy results, my endoscopy results, my blood tests, my CT scan results, my gallbladder ultrasound with cck report, and said he wanted my gallbladder removed even though the ultrasound was normal. He ordered a HIDA scan with cck to be done right away.My results were severely abnormal. I had my gallbladder removed a week later. It's been five/six months now and no more pain! Moral of the story: Get a new doctor. Get some fresh ideas from someone new. I waited 2 years to do that and I got an answer, surgery, and relief in less than a month.I still carry the dx of IBS-Constipation and I looked up "non-mechanical obstructions and it says that they are caused by:"{Non Mechanical Obstruction} CausesIleus may be caused by: * Abdominal surgery * Joint or spine surgery * Injury or trauma * Infections, such as: o Abdominal infections: peritonitis , appendicitis , diverticulitis o Pneumonia o Severe generalized infections ( sepsis ) * Heart attack * Imbalance of electrolytes * Disorders that affect muscle function * Use of certain drugs, such as narcotic pain drugs or high blood pressure medicine * Low blood supply to parts of intestine (mesenteric ischemia)"With that said, I wonder what a new GI doc would think of your test results. The info I read said that non-mechanical obstructions are due to paralysis of the intestines basically and then I'm guessing the big "D" comes after because the blockage is holding everything up.I am glad to see that you are cutting those things out of your diet but are you also drinking lots of water and taking fiber? Another thing to remember is that if you have been taking laxatives to help things along during these episodes, keep in mind that in the end, constant use of laxatives can cause your bowels to rely on them to move like they should, causing more constipation. Have you been able to connect your episodes with a stressful event (monthly paperwork, bills, something else you do that causes you great stress once a month?) or with a certain food? I am not a doctor but I think you might benefit from posting this very same question on justanswer.com/health. I did it when I was having issues with my gallbladder and they actually gave me a pretty accurate response considering it was via the internet.I truly hope you get an answer soon. I hope that you get some peace of mind. If it is IBS, it's probably IBS-A (alternating) and there are some meds out there that can help with it along with a good solid diet with the right kind of fiber. Not all fiber is good for constipation. Some fiber supplements are the kind that "bulk" things up and some are not.Feel free to write to me if I can help in any way at all. ggundel86@gmail.com Hugs!Gretchen
Celiac and Pregnancy, Crazy?
Q: Ok where do I start. For about 2 weeks I was experiencing some brown blood which I assumed to be my period? I finally came online and saw sometimes is could mean pregnancy but it means it's a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. Thing is I had my period, just brown and occasionally only spots of red for almost three weeks! I let that go. I've been having sharp pains in my left and right sides and my stomach is hard as a rock and the area below the "gut" and above the vagina is hard(I've heard this is linked to pregnancy?) I've also had extreme bloating feelings and gas along with diarrhea. And as well as weird cravings and bursts of hunger, but when I eat about 15 min later prob not even I'm having sharp pains. These are all symptoms of pregnancy I'm sure we'll all agree. I've also researched some blogs with people who had the extreme bloating and sharp pains and 98% of them were pregnant.But, get this. My aunt was diagnosed with Celiac disease(gluten free diet, will eat away your small intestine)and it's hereditary but she doesn't even know who she could have got it from. Well let me just copy and paste symptoms I've found linked with it, I'll mark it with * If I have it.What are the symptoms of celiac disease?Symptoms of celiac disease vary from person to person. Symptoms may occur in the digestive system or in other parts of the body. Digestive symptoms are more common in infants and young children and may includeabdominal bloating and pain *chronic diarrhea *vomiting *only just today but sick feelings I've ignored tooconstipation *NO*pale, foul-smelling, or fatty stool *NO*weight loss *NO, weight gain thats why i'm leaning toward pregnancyAdults are less likely to have digestive symptoms and may instead have one or more of the following:unexplained iron-deficiency anemia *NO*fatigue*NO*bone or joint pain *arthritis*NO*bone loss or osteoporosisdepression or anxiety *OH YES*tingling numbness in the hands and feet *NO*seizures*NO*missed menstrual periods *Not sure yet, last one was browninfertility or recurrent miscarriage *Hope notcanker sores inside the mouth *NO!*an itchy skin rash called dermatitis herpetiformis * NO*People with celiac disease may have no symptoms but can still develop complications of the disease over time. Long-term complications include malnutrition—which can lead to anemia, osteoporosis, and miscarriage, among other problems—liver diseases, and cancers of the intestine.Also, Celiac disease is both a disease of malabsorption—meaning nutrients are not absorbed properly—and an abnormal immune reaction to gluten. Celiac disease is also known as celiac sprue, non-tropical sprue, and gluten-sensitive enteropathy. Celiac disease is genetic, meaning it runs in families*MY AUNT*Sometimes the disease is triggered—or becomes active for the first time—after surgery, pregnancy*wow it can become apparent during pregnancy*, childbirth, viral infection, or severe emotional stress*I've been crying excessively and have been real sensitive*Forgot to also say something important. My period finally completely stopped yesterday but now, I'm having excessive urinating and just this morning i got morning sickness.OK so my point of showing you all this was I'm thinking, would I be pregnant AND starting to react to Celiac?? PLease someone research this. I would go to the doctor but I just got insurance a few days ago and it's not active til Jan 14. I just wanna research this so I can go into the doctor's telling them exactly what is wrong. Question is though, should I go to the Gynecologist or my regular Physician???
A: Go to your gp. They will do a blood test for pregnancy, and you will get your answer about that very soon.Then, tell him or her that your aunt was diagnosed with celiac and you would like a screening test should your pregnancy test come back negative. You can have active celiac with little to no symptoms. My symptoms were very, very mild anemia (low normal) and migraines with the occasional stomach ache. Pregnancy is probably what triggered my celiac. Your Aunt got celiac from her mother and father, it is as simple as that. Her parents were carriers and gave her the genes, she had something trigger it, just like I did, just like everyone who has celiac has happen to them. Since it runs in your family, please be aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood celiac. Good luck!

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