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What negative affects does alcohol do to your body

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Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of a number of diseases: fatty degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-negative-affects-does-alcohol-do-to-your-body ]
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What negative affects does alcohol do to your body
Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of a number of diseases: fatty degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, MORE
How to minimize negative effects of alcohol on body building??
If you're looking to minimize the effects alcohol has on the metabolism, you should consider investing in some prickly-pear juice. It's shown to decrease the amount of blood sugar (even used to treat diabetes), is full of electrolytes (will...
What are the negative effects of alcohol and sugar on your body??
While there is much sugar in alcohol, they actually have very different and separate negative effects on a person's body. Alcohol is first a substance, similar to a 'drug,' which affects your ability to think, then your ability to move. If ...

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What can i do to cancel out the harmful effects of alcohol and maximize muscle growth?
Q: I am 17 years old, 5'-11", 150 pounds and am trying to put on about 20 pounds. However, I have discovered that alcohol will almost definitely have a significant negative impact on your muscle-building results because:1) It negatively affects protein synthesis.2) It lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen.3) It causes dehydration.4) It depletes the body of vitamins and minerals.5) It increases fat storage.i have concluded that i can drink more water, take vitamins, and im not concerned with the fat part. i am therefor concerned with # 1 and 2.Any suggestions as to maintain muscle growth without quiting drinking.*I only drink about 30 beers a week
A: i guess one of the main problems with alcohol is that rather than drinking the little and often people go out binge drinking. Perhaps try cutting down a little bit on beer but as long as you are not drinking them all in one night but instead over the whole week it won't be such a problem!! One other thing is that beer is a lot worse for this than some other alcohol... i know your highly unlikely to switch to this lol but a couple of glasses of red wine a night can actually be beneficial to your health!
Drivers Ed Questions Help Please!!!!!?
Q: 1. Attention fatigue is the result of physical exertion.boredom.mental exertion.lack of sleep.2. Fatigue affects your ability to understand traffic signals.perceive and respond to threats.recognize objects.avoid pedestrians.3. The body's natural rhythms cause nearly everyone to be less alert during the late morning.early afternoon.late afternoon.evening.4. The best way to avoid fatigue is to remember that there is other traffic on the road.more activity requires more rest.you should drive with the windows down.you should keep the passenger compartment chilly.5. Drivers can compensate for short-term injuries by going to the hospital as soon as they are hurt.driving slower, being more alert, and allowing more time to get to their destination.having someone else drive.taking a bus.6. One sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is a headache.chest pain.a sore throat.back pain.7. People with chronic diseases that can affect their ability to drive (such as diabetes, epilepsy, and narcolepsy), must always drive with another person in the vehicle.have proof that their illness is controlled with medication that causes no side effects to their driving ability.drive only during daylight hours.have a special license plate so police know about their condition.8. As you age, your reflexes become a little quicker.you should not drive.your reflexes, hearing, and vision may be impaired.you do not need to renew your driver's license.9. A major form of psychological impairment is inattention.a cold.the radio.road noise.10. The biggest issue with using cell phones while driving is the physical distraction.having to view the cell phone display.holding the phone while steering.the mental distraction.11. Collisions involving cell phones are twice as likely to be rear-end collisions.be side-on collisions.be head-on collisions.involve property damage.12. Which of the following is the best reason you should not wear headphones while driving? You will not be able to talk to passengers.You won't be able to hear other important roadway sounds.Passengers can't hear the radio.It decreases your field of vision.13. One way to avoid aggressive driving is by not driving slowly in the passing lane.swerving.glaring at other drivers.frequently tapping your brakes.14. Sadness distracts you from driving by increasing your concern for others.raising your motivation.disconnecting you from reality.helping you deal properly with emerging situations.15. Norms are different than written laws in that there are no repercussions for breaking norms.norms only apply to you if you know what they are.norms are unwritten and enforced by people's opinions.you can't break a norm.16. Peer pressure can affect driving by influencing risky behavior.taking them to the movies.causing you to brake quicker.taking their friends to school.17. Which of the following is the best way to control your emotions when driving? Cry before driving.Punch a pillow before driving.Maintain a responsible attitude and always use correct procedures.Talk to a friend whenever an emotional situation arises.18. How does alcohol affect driving ability? It increases your judgment and awareness behind the wheel.It increases your ability to process information you receive.It increases the chances that you will pull out of skids or sudden lane changes.It increases the chances that you will die in a crash.19. Alcohol has the greatest short-term effects on the liver.pancreas.brain.stomach.20. An effective way to deal with negative peer pressure is to let your friends know that you know what is right for you to do.give in so they remain your friends.stop the car and tell them to get out.tell them they are no longer your friends.21. If you are driving and your friends want you to pass the car ahead in a no passing zone, you should go ahead and pass if the road is clear.flash your lights and then pass.not pass and remind them that you obey the laws.wait until the oncoming car has passed.22. To make sure you will be physically prepared to drive, you should look at your prescription carefully to notewhat side-effects they might cause that will affect your driving.how many should be taken in a day.whether they come in capsule or syrup form.what the drugs can be mixed with.23. Depressants slow down reflexes and also have a harmful effect on reading and comprehension.hearing.coordination.balance.24. Laws that provide for immediate punishment for persons who fail or refuse a blood test are called administrative license revocation laws.motor-vehicle point laws.zero tolerance laws.administrative drug laws.25. The power train is responsible for shifting gears.moving
A: Your Drivers Ed pamphlet can't be more than 20 pages at most.It would take you virtually no time at all to find the answers there.Besides, most of this is plain common sense.Good luck in your studies,~ Mitch ~
Do you negate/suppress what people call negative emotions, or do you feel them out until they dissipate....?
Q: .... thus bringing them to completion? For instance when you get anger, you do not react, but rather connect with the emotion and effectively feel that moment, feel that vibration and its affect in the body. Or another example, when you do something to another and you feel bad about it, you don't try to excuse what you did and make it all about them, but feel this emotion and connect with it and bring it to its natural conclusion and thus gain clarity. If those two examples were confusing, then sadness. Instead of not being sad, you feel the sadness, and cry your eyes out if necessary, as crying is a natural release of the body.And do you see any benefit in any of these, or do you do something else? Like, for instance, "Drawn your sorrows in Alcohol" -- so you do not have to feel? Alcoholics use their addiction to escape feeling, the majority of the time.
A: Instinctively I push them down but in learning how not to do that I've been stuck with them so I've been just in them like standing in water up to yer neck. I think the thing to do is a medium between the two extremes and just let the feelings go as they and where they will, neither holding them nor pushing them away. Important thing is not to use them as an excuse or allow them to cause wrong behavior or unhealthy acts.

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