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What medicine is made from blood plasma

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A company in Clayton, NJ produces medicine made from blood plasma, including Gamunex, a treatment for immunodeficiency diseases. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-medicine-is-made-from-blood-plasma ]
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What medicine is made from blood plasma
A company in Clayton, NJ produces medicine made from blood plasma, including Gamunex, a treatment for immunodeficiency diseases.

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Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood transfusions..Do you believe what this doctor says?
Q: This is a reply that I got from a medical doctor, to a question concerning a Jehovah's Witness mother who died and left behind 2 new born baby girls after delivery.The Watchtower pints nonsense about how Blood is not necessary. This is a reply from a real doctor, not a publishing company.....Will you listen now?I'm a doctor and have found myself in the appalling situation of trying to save a life where the patient refuses blood because they are a JW. If they have signed a form there's nothing we can do, but if it's a child ie if the parent refuses to allow their child a life saving transfusion, we can overrule them.They get their anti transfusion beliefs as follows:They cite four biblical texts (Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:12-14, Acts 15:29 and Acts 21:25). They say these mean that blood, the life-force, belongs to God and is not there for human use. They believe it a sin to eat not just black pudding but also to eat the flesh of animals that have not been properly bled.And they extend the ban to transfusions. They won't even allow someone's blood to be stored before an operation and then used after it to replace their own blood loss. Blood is not to be stored; it is to be poured out and returned to God. Some JWs even reject dialysis or cell salvage on these grounds. Some will not accept red cells, white cells, platelets or plasma, but accept "fractions" made from these components.There is a philosophical problem here. When a substance is broken down into components does the original remain? Some 90-96 per cent of blood plasma consists of water. The remainder is albumin, globulins, fibrinogen and coagulation factors. JWs say these may be used, according to conscience, but only if taken separately. Opponents say is like outlawing a ham and cheese sandwich but allowing the eating of bread, ham and cheese separately.They are criticised for other inconsistencies. Blood fraction products are only available because of blood donation – a practice JWs condemned as unethical.Many JWs still carry a signed and witnessed advance directive card absolutely refusing blood in the event of an accident. And the church's website still carries alarmist material about the dangers of transfusions in transmitting Aids, Lyme Disease and other conditions. It also exaggerates the effectiveness of alternative non-blood medical therapies.What do doctors think?The British Association of Anaesthetists guidelines insist that the wishes of the patient must normally be paramount. US doctors take a similar view; they know giving blood to someone who does not want it could get them sued – one of the busiest trauma hospitals in Florida even has a blanket policy of refusing to treat JWs.Other countries, like France, take a more dirigiste view. And a landmark case in Dublin recently ruled that doctors were right to give a woman blood during childbirth because the right of her child to have a mother over-ruled her own right to refuse the blood.There are even more subtle dilemmas to come. One asks whether doctors are obliged to give chemotherapy, which is normally accompanied by a blood transfusion, to patients who insist on having it without the blood, without which it is highly likely to fail. As medicine advances things are likely to get more, rather than less, tricky.One more thing. Their literal interpretation of the Bible allows them (not unlike the Catholic church) to keep child abuse secret: Not good. They take Deuteronomy 19:15 literally, which demands two witnesses to a crime (not easy in cases of abuse). And they cite 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 – "Does anyone of you that has a case against the other dare to go to court before unrighteous men, and not before the holy ones?" – to justify trying to deal with criminals with courts of elders rather than courts of law. A Panorama investigation reported they have an internal list of 23,720 reported abusers which they keep private. Studies in the US suggest they have proportionally four times more sexual assaults on children than the Catholic Church.Any religion which literally interprets the Bible, and keeps its doings secret can be a cause of harm in my view. And the idea that a woman can die leaving twins, motherless because of an obscure text in the Bible appals me as a doctor and a human being.Dr Evie Wallace
A: If you look up the Bible verses they are quoteing you will find that its non-sense, and they are using bible verses completely out of context to justify thier belief. Moses warned his people that they should cook the blood out of the meat before they eat it. This same warning appears at the bottom of the Denny's menu, and I don't think they are talking about blood transfusions. To make a long story short, I have been through the whole list of beliefs and Bible verses that JWs use and none of them quite match up. Some verses have absolutely nothing to do with the beliefs as if they just wanted something to sound official. JWs do not base thier beliefs on the Bible, they just make them up. They have created thier own religion, not based on the Bible, and I am not sure why they bother carrying Bibles around with them. A good story that the JWs should pay attention to is the story of the Golden Calf.If you look at the history of Charles Taze Russel, who started the JWs, you will see that he established it as an Anti-Christian organization. He hated Christians, and admired the Mormons. He wanted to start a cult similar to the Mormons. He was also involved with another cult before he started the JWs which continually predicted the end of the world each year. Attendance would rise, and then when the end didnt come, it would drop to nearly nothing. Then they would make another prediction. He took over, but instead, he decided to predict the end of the world every 10 years of so, this way he could build more up. This continued until the early 90s.I think the watchtower is getting more deceptive and evil now. They used to mix truth with lies to confuse people, but I think they are straying away from any truth, and just dominating people with lies now. They have mastered brainwashing techniques, and have gathered greatly in numbers. They just build another kingdom hall in the town next to me. There is one in the town on the other side of me too.You have every right to be mad at the Watchtower, no matter your religious beliefs, they lie constantly to thier people, publish non-sensical articles, and are just downright evil.
Which of the following infectious organisms is the smallest?
Q: 1. Which of the following infectious organisms is the smallest? A. Prion B. Viroid C. Virus D. Bacteria 2. What shape is the virus in Figure 18.1? A. Helical B. Cocci C. Polyhedral D. Bacilli 3. In the virus in Figure 18.1, what structure is labeled C? A. Spike B. Envelope C. DNA D. Capsid 4. Which of the following is NOT a way that prokaryotes benefit ecosystems? A. Recycle hydrogen through the ecosystem B. Recycle carbon through the ecosystem C. Produce oxygen through photosynthesis D. Produce carbon dioxide through photosynthesis 5. In a lysogenic infection, once the DNA of the virus is incorporated into the bacterial DNA, the DNA is called a A. prion. B. viroid. C. prophage. D. plasmid. 6. The normal bacteria present on our skin are beneficial becaus A. they fill the niche so harmful bacteria cannot grow there. B. they can not cause diseases in our bodies. C. they open the niche for harmful bacteria to grow. D. they cause minor diseases that are easily treated. 7. A bacteria that is capable of living in an environment with or without oxygen is called a(n) A. obligate anaerobe. B. obligate aerobe. C. facultative anaerobe. D. facultative aerobe. 8. In the bacterium in Figure 18.2, what is the structure labeled B? A. Pili B. DNA C. Plasmid D. Flagellum 9. In the bacterium in Figure 18.2, what is the structure labeled C? A. Pili B. Cell wall C. Plasmid D. Flagellum 10. Bioremediation uses microbes to A. produce carbohydrates. B. clean up pollutants. C. convert atmospheric nitrogen. D. break down food. 11. When used properly, antibiotics can fight A. viral infections. B. fungal infections. C. HIV infections. D. bacterial infections. 12. Prokaryotes provide ________ to humans and other organisms A. habitats. B. antibiotics. C. nutrients D. endocytosis 13. An infectious particle made of a strand of nucleic acid surrounded by protein is a A. bacteria. B. virus. C. viroid. D. prion. 14. Viruses that infect bacteria are called A. bacteriophages. B. helical viruses. C. polyhedral viruses. D. prophages. 15. Which of the following type of infectious agent can cause an infected host cell to burst in a lytic infection? A. Bacteria B. Fungus C. Prion D. Virus 16. When HIV causes a lysogenic infection, it can remain dormant for years. When it becomes a lytic infection, it A. causes no symptoms. B. destroys white blood cells. C. mutates infrequently. D. can no longer cause AIDS. 17. An endospore may survive a drought because it is protected by a A. hollow bridge. B. thick wall. C. plasmid replication. D. plasma membrane. 18. How do humans benefit from bacteria living in the digestive system? A. Bacteria adapt to fluctuations in temperature. B. Bacteria get food and a place to live. C. Bacteria produce vitamins humans need. D. Humans make nitrogen the bacteria can use. 19. Chemicals that kill bacteria or slow their growth are called A. toxins. B. antibiotics. C. endospores. D. plasmids. 20. Misuse of antibiotics can lead to multidrug resistance in A. humans. B. bacteria. C. viruses. D. antibiotics. 21. Bacteria can cause disease to a host by all of the following EXCEPT: A. Invading tissues and attacking cells. B. Making poisons that are transported through blood. C. Producing antibodies to make a vaccine ineffective. D. Making toxins that are carried by blood. 22. A person is given antibiotics to combat pneumonia. After two days, the person feels better and decides not to continue taking the medicine. This could help the bacteria evolve because it A. allows bacteria that were somewhat resistant to live. B. introduces new bacteria into the system. C. increases the number of antibiotics prescribed. D. decreases the amount of bacteria that survive. 23. Using antibiotics when bacteria are not causing an illness may make some bacteria A. avoid the organism beng treated. B. become extinct due to overexposure. C. resisant to the antibiotics used. D. produce fewer toxins that usual. 24. Which of the following is NOT a factor in bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant? A. misuse B. animal use C. overuse D. underuse 25. Prokaryotes benefit plants by A. providing antibiotic resistance to roots B. converting nitrogen into a useable form C. producing carbon dioxide for photosynthesis D. producing endospores for survival
A: I don't see any figure 18.1 or 18.2 anywhere??1 B 4 C5 C6 A7 C or D (??)10 B11 D12 C13 B14 A15 D16 B17 B18 C19 B20 B21 A22 A23 C24 B (What kind of stupid question is this??)25 B

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