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What is the disease that turns people into zombies

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There is no actual disease that turns anyone into an actual zombie. Some would just call it the Flu! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-that-turns-people-into-zombies ]
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What is the disease that turns people into zombies
There is no actual disease that turns anyone into an actual zombie. Some would just call it the Flu! ChaCha on!
Can there be a disease that turns people into "zombies"...?
it's not possible. at all. not ever. too much horor movies on your part. You see when the animal/person is dead the cells begin to decompose almost immidiatly so it's imposible ot birng them to life..you can give a person a hormone or somet...
Is there a source of information about heartworm disease in cats ...?
There is an organization called the American Heartworm Society which maintains a very informative and user-friendly website: heartwormsociety.org

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What if the swine flu, it's vaccines, and whatever else is the thing that turns people into zombies?
Q: Like those zombie movies, yea its a bit far-fetched but how possible is it that a disease can cause the world to go into a dawn of the dead, 28 days later mode
A: That would be stellar. Not going to lie. And then, what if we could train them Shaun of the Dead-style?
I dream about people turning into zombies, taken over by aliens, and possessed by ghosts. What does it mean?
Q: I'm a 35 year old guy, married happily, no kids, and decent career success. A lot of people would look at me and say "successful happy guy" and I genuinely am. However, I have had recurring dreams of the same "theme" for as long as I can remember...going back to being a kid in grade school. I usually dream it once or twice a month, sometimes more, and sometimes less. The dreams start out the same, and I am with a mixed group of family, friends and strangers in various settings. As the dream progresses, slowly...one-by-one...the people will "transform" and be taken over by aliens/ghosts/or disease that turn them into evil beings that try to get me. Sometimes it can happen right when I am talking to them. By the end of the dream I am usually being chased by many of them, and trying to hide in dark corners or behind closed doors. Sometimes I "fly" like Superman in my dreams to get away. I've had this dream several times this week, and it is really nagging me. Thoughts?
A: There is probably a lot of turmoil at your job or at home that is underlying. It sounds life you are feeling a lack of control on the events in your life (symbolized by these nebulous creatures of your dreams)..... they are probably your co-workers since they transform when you are talking to them... does this correlate to how you feel when you are talking to some of the people at work? or with your wife and family?Be strong, take hold and confront your weaknesses and learn to make them your strengths.... even though you are outwardly successful you probably worked very hard to get everything that you have and are afraid that it will be taken away by some person that you least suspect.... your sub-conscious probably picked up on something that is going on that you do not want to face and your dreams are trying hard to clue you in . Stay alert, keep on your toes and stay in control. Good Luck.
what properties would a virus need tturn people into zombies?
Q: ok i have to come up with a fake virus for biology and i want to come up with something that makes people zombie-like, not exactly killing them and turning them into a zomboe but making them seem like they are one. i was thinking a bout a virus that attacks the cerebrum?? i have to figure out these things 1. name the virus 2.what is the host it will infect 3. what are symptoms of the viruses host 4.method of transition5.historical origins of the virus 6. name of illness the virus gives you 7. treatment of illness 8. possible uses of virus 9.prevention of the disease
A: It might help to look up information on rabies, as the symptoms of that have some similarities to typically zombieism. You can name the virus pretty much anything you want, the host is obviously humans, thought other mammals are a good possibility. Some symptoms that might make sense could be impaired motor control, impaired sensory perception, increased aggressiveness, I'm sure you can think of more. Obviously it has to be able to be transferred by bites, why is why I suggested you look up rabies. Origins, well, I'd make it a variant of rabies, but it doesn't really matter. You've got the name, zombieism. Treatment is trickier, shots to the head are needed, of course, a more typical vaccine could be developed. Uses? Huh, interesting requirement, as most viruses don't have use for us. Prevention is simple, the newly developed vaccine, as well as avoiding contact with people exhibiting symptoms.

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