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What is disease did forrest gump have

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He had a crooked spine. "His back was as crooked as a question mark." After getting with Jenny, he may also have had HIV. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-disease-did-forrest-gump-have ]
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What is disease did forrest gump have
He had a crooked spine. "His back was as crooked as a question mark." After getting with Jenny, he may also have had HIV. ChaCha
What disease did forest gump have in the movie?
They never say. The doctor just says "his back is as crooked as a politician." That implies he had a condition called scoliosis. Scoliosis is characterized by a crooked or s curved spine. People sometimes will wear leg braces, whe...
What disease did jenny gump die from in forest gump?
They never actually state what Jenny dies of, but it is suspected to be AIDS. ChaCha again!

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In Forrest Gump, what does Jenny die of?
Q: I think it was AIDS, because she says that she has "some kind of virus and the doctors don't know what it is and there's nothing they can do about it". But, if they are in the early nineties, doctors would know what it was. The disease was first called GRID sometime in the mid eighties (ish) if I'm not mistaken, so it makes sense, but then again it doesn't...anyone know?Yeah and that's the other thing. If Jenny did die of AIDS, wouldn't Forrest Jr. have it?
A: Yes, it was AIDS (but it's never really mentioned in the movie).Maybe the doctors did not know what it was when she first got it but they knew when she died from it.For the kid, I think it's like any other diseases. For example, if the mother has Hepatitis C and then has a kid, the risk of the kid getting the disease is less than 1%...I guess it would be the same for AIDS.So the kid may be fine if he has 99% chance of not getting any disease from his mother.(Edit: In China, the proportion of reported cases of HIV and AIDS attributed to transmission from mother to child has increased from 0.1% in 1997 to 0.4% in 2002.)Also, I read that "the film chronicles Forrest Gump's accidental experiences with some of the most important people and events in America from the late 1950's through the 1970's including a meeting with Elvis Presley, JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, fighting in Vietnam, etc."I'm not sure the movie goes to the early nineties, as you say, just because it's a 1994 movie.I know that the first time they tested donated blood for HIV, in France was in the end of the summer of 1983. I know because I was one of the last people, in August, to receive untested blood and it was a miracle that I did not get the disease. Other people were not so lucky (they're all dead now), and it was a big controversy in France because they could have tested the blood at the beginning of the summer (some big government heads rolled up!).
Does anyone know what can cause pain in someone hands, feet, legs, toes ?
Q: I have Parkinson's Disease but that seems to be pretty much under control. Last summer I started having edema in my legs and feet and I lost control of my arms and legs. I was diagnosed with injection refraction of the heart, and myclonus due to taking Wellbutrin, and I was hallucinating but I knew that I what I was seeing was not real. I was fine for about 3 weeks after they stopped the Wellbutri and then I started ago but o much as the first time so they stopped the Amantadine - to make a longer story shorter, I now have pain constantly in my hands and fingers, feet and toes. Sometimes it's a burning type pain but sometimes it's shooting pains especially in my fingers. I have back pain which I know I have a degenerative disc sitting on top of my tail bone and that also causes alot of pain. I have days that my speech sounds like Forrest Gump, I've had a hemoglobin of 9 and took two erythropoietin shots so that's up to almost 13. Any input anyone ? The Docs. can't figure it out
A: I would say nerve dammage somewhere....the disc that is sitting on your tail bone may be causing this problem to you
Can anyone help me write a conclusion on my philosophy on life, loss and death paper?
Q: In the past seventeen years of my life, I have listened to a lot of songs, had a lot of different experiences and have read a lot of quotes. It seems that this day in age everything is brought out in lyrics, experiences, or quotes. Looking back at my whole life I can pick out a handful of songs, experiences, and quotes which have together, brought together my philosophy on life, loss and death. Sure everyone knows that famous line that Tom Hanks speaks in the movie Forrest Gump; “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But not everyone believes that. Everyone has their own philosophy on life, loss and death. Life speaks to me in a quote that I have seen repeatedly over the past five years, “You were only given this life because you were strong enough to live it.” The meaning behind this quote is the basis to my philosophy on life. I believe that there are unborn children in heaven and that maybe one day they will be sent to earth to become a human, but I also believe that there are those children up in heaven that cannot come down to earth because they are not strong enough to handle life. Whether it is that they have a sickness, or a mental disability, for some reason they cannot live as a human on this earth. For the children that die before they are born, or even die in their young age, I believe that God may have thought they were strong enough to live on this earth, but for some reason the earth decided that they were not strong enough to live on it.The lyrics In My Life, by The Beatles have a look on life unlike any other lyrics I have ever known. “There are places I'll remember all my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better, some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments with lovers and friends. I still can recall some are dead and some are living, in my life I've loved them all.” I think that these lyrics say that you shouldn’t regret anything in your life and that you should live and love freely throughout your whole life. The Beatles speak to me specifically when they say “in my life I’ve loved them all.” Just these seven words, say so much about life. They are talking about both the places and the people that they have loved in their lives. By reading these lyrics I believe that we are supposed to love everyone and everything because that is what life is all about.When I think of the meaning of loss only one quote comes to mind. “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” This quote focuses on how love is an essential and important part of life and should not be avoided on the basis of fear of rejection or loss. Some people go through life and never fall in love. I think that it is better to have loved someone and felt how wonderful it is to be in love even if, at its conclusion, you end up with the pain of loss. Loss is just one more experience and helps you develop character.January 8, 2004 I lost one of my grandfathers to heart and lung disease. Being that I was fourteen and in eighth grade, I understood what had happened and why. I had lost another grandfather a couple years before, but this one hit me harder probably because I saw him and talked to him more often. The feeling that overcame me was horrifying in the fact that I had just lost someone very close to me, but I realized that this was a turning point in my life because I now understood loss in a different way then I had before. I learned that loss is not the worst thing that can happen in life and that every loss should be a learning experience.Death is something that usually no one wants to talk or think about. Although I don’t really like to talk or think about death either, when I do, the following quote comes to mind; “Life is our path, Death is our destiny.” I still feel the same way about death from the first time I heard this quote. This quote helped me figure out my philosophy on death because to me, it is saying that life is a path whose destination is known and that destination is death. Whether we die today or tomorrow it is certain that we will all die. Life is the way to death.Ms. Sellers is another experience added to my philosophy on death because right now she is staring death in the face. From the day that I walked into her classroom sophomore year she made it a point to remind us everyday that she had cancer and that she was living when her doctors told her she should be dying. I can remember last year when she told our whole junior Church History class that she wouldn’t be here to see us graduate. We told her she shouldn’t think like that because after all she was living when she was supposed to be dying, but she told us that she knew it was going to be her time soon. Now it’s February a year later and she was right, she is dying and probably won’t be able to see us graduate. When I went to visit her two weeks ago with some friends she told us that it was her time to go, it was the end of her journey on earth. Ms. Sellers lived her life to the fullest, she lost and now she is dying. She knew all along that this was her destiny.
A: The BEST "Conclusion" to YOUR Philosophy is What King Solomon said in his Conclusion to the Book of EcclesiastesNAMELY: "The Conclusion of the Matter IS; (FEAR) the TRUE God & KEEP His COMMANDMENTS" ! ! !

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