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What is a big Lunula Mean

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The lunula is that crescent shaped white space at the base of your nail. The size of the lunula does not correlate with disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-big-lunula-mean ]
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What is a big Lunula Mean
The lunula is that crescent shaped white space at the base of your nail. The size of the lunula does not correlate with disease.

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What is wrong with my middle finger?
Q: So my middle finger on my right hand has been callous since I was in like 8 years old. I'm 15 now. On the skin at the back of my finger. Imagine an Eastern and Western hemisphere. Only the Western hemisphere is like 75% of the space. The Western Hemisphere can be compared to my callous thing, and the Eastern to the regular skin of my finger. So, on the callous part for years I've been kinda biting at it and peeling off the skin cause it was so easy to and no blood came out. blood only came out when i peeled too far up the skin, cause the callous ended not much after the first knuckle in my finger after my fingernail. Other than that, my fingernail is discolored. It used to be darker and have a darker line going down the middle, but now its lightened slightly but its a lot darker than my other nails and grows slower than my other nails. even the nail that grows is thick. So the lunula of my nail is pretty big. Maybe its cause when I was younger i'd peel back the nail, and now its not really growing back. or does it mean that i have heart issues? but all the other lunulas on my other fingers are very small or not even present. The lunula on the middle finger takes up like 1/4 of my entire fingernail. Anyways, so I got medicine when I was 10 for it.. I mean it just appeared out of nowhere.. I was thinking that perhaps it was cause I held my pencils and pens too hard (and still do) or it could be from the monkey bars which I went on a lot as a kid. The medicine didnt really help.. they thought it was a fungus. and it was a medicine you put on your finger, not orally. after i stopped applying the medicine it was still tempting to peel back the skin. it would improve, then go back to normal again. ugh. cause its so addicting, like how its fun to peel skin from your feet sometimes cause its all hard and it wont bleed. but the finger is ugly and i dont want to like have a boyfriend and feel self conscious about the ugly part of my finger. i always feel kinda self conscious about it if im doing something where someone will clearly see my hand, or if they feel it and feel the difference in that 1 finger. from smooth to just.. a different texture. so I was thinking about taking medicine orally. Idk.. I want to be serious about it before I go tell my mom cause its hard w/ the economy and everything. but recently like sometimes i'd only get frostbite in that 1 tip of the finger.. I mean it would go away but its kind of weird. sometimes i'd just be in the house and i'd get it. its only happened like 3-4 times in the past like month though. maybe its cause its just winter or something? idk. when I bend my fingers like im a cat about to scratch but all the way down, it becomes really yellow at the skin on my middle finger ive been talking about, too. and im black so it kinda stands out.. and i have to point out that the skin never came totally back to normal after i'd go through times of not peeling it.. like months. it would only get slightly better but around the edges, not like all over and everything. its just weird and im sick of it! help me! please dont just say go to the doctor, i want to know something first! thankyou!
A: mabe your flicking too many people off.

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