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What happens in the Lou gehrigs disease(als)

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The Lou Gehhrig's disease damages motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-in-the-lou-gehrigs-disease%28als%29 ]
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Why is ALS called Lou Gehrigs disease?
ALS is often called Lou Gehrig's disease after Lou Gehrig, a hall-of-fame baseball player for the New York Yankees who was diagnosed with ALS in the 1930s. People in England and Australia call ALS Motor Neurone Disease (MND). The French ref...
What are the odds of getting ALS(Lou Gehrigs)Disease at the age o...?
The odds of getting ALS in a lifetime are 1-2 out of 100,000. The disease can strike at 15 but it is very rare and certainly <1%. Doing a quick calculation that would put the odds at less than 1,000,000:1 In addition, early onset cases a...
Do any of you know someone with ALS ( Lou Gehrigs Disease )??
I have a friend who has it, and he doesnt have much time left. This is a terrible disease and nothing can be done about it. Its heart breaking to walk into his house and seeing him sitting in his chair, not being able to do anything, He h...

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