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What happens if you get a staph infection in your blood

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Can cause a multitude of diseases as a result of infection of various tissues of the body. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-get-a-staph-infection-in-your-blood ]
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What happens if you get a staph infection in your blood
Can cause a multitude of diseases as a result of infection of various tissues of the body.
Is It Ok To Donate Blood With A Staph Infection?
Absolutely not! You will have that staph infection in your blood and it will go into someone else and possible kill them.
its very common for staph infections to be described as spider-bite looking. as has been said it is very possible for staph infections to become septic and so its best if you can find some way of getting your friend the medications. Many dr...

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Hospital Emergency Room is trying to charge me a bill that I do not owe? Help!?
Q: I had an infection on my arm due to a bug bite and it was causing my arm to swell up but because I did not have insurance and could NOT afford it(yes I'm one of the 45 million, but that is not what this is about). Me and my family went into the hospital emergency room and went up to the desk and ask how much it would cost for the visit. They said I would have to sign in first and speak to the other person who was behind a window(I am guessing the person who enters your info). So they finally call us and we talk to the person at the window and I ask how much is this going to cost, he then proceeds to tell me that he can't give me a cost and that when the person who handles costs would be able to tell me, so then I proceeded to go into the triage room where the nurse checks my blood pressure and heartbeat, I try to ask her if she knows the costs and she tells me she doesn't have a clue. Now she then takes me to a patient room and a guys nurse or doctor(couldn't tell as he was in scrubs) and tells me that it is a staph infection and it needs to be drained. I just said ok and then he left. Then a lady walked in with a clip board and asked if I had insurance and proceeded to ask me questions about what will be happening....I stopped her and asked how much is this going to cost and she said well the initial cost would be $300 today...I said well I cannot pay that and said I have to leave because I do not have that kind of money on me. She tried to stop me, but said I will get the discharge papers for you and told the other nurses that I was leaving. I waited and me and my wife asked to be sure if I would NOT be charge for this as I received nothing. They said there would be no charge and so we left and went to a local clinic they referred us to get the service done to my arm for a lot cheaper. So a few months later we start getting bills from the hospital for $300 and one from a doctor(who I never saw) for $374. We go to the hospital and basically the lady in billing acts like she can help us and after several phone calls does not and refers to call the number on the bill. We get no where with them either so basically I am being charge for services I never received nor accepted. What can I do to remedy this situation as none of these bills are valid and should and could have been easily written off by the hospital, but caring about people comes after money I guess.What can I do to get rid of this?
A: I had a similar situation years ago. I needed procedure done that wasn't covered by insurance. The hospital quoted me a price. I paid them up front and it was done. Post facto they decided to raise the price. I assume that was done because I had already paid so they assumed I had extra money laying around. I got a bill and ignored it. They called me to arrange payments. I told them I had already paid and that I had the canceled check. They weaseled around and told me they had quoted me the wrong price. I told them that was their mistake. They insisted I had to pay the difference. I got mad at them and cursed them out. Never heard from them again.The medical industry is the most screwed up business in the country. There is no rational idea behind their pricing. I would send them a letter explaining that you never received the services for which they are billing you and ask them to not contact you again. Check your credit report, if it shows up as a no pay, then right a letter to the credit agency.BTW - Be a lot more brief in these letters than you are in your post.

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