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What does eating a lot of salt do

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Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause heart disease and other health problems. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-eating-a-lot-of-salt-do ]
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What happens when you eat a lot of salt?
Eating a lot of salt is really bad for the diet. It increases, obesity, heart failure, heart attacks and many other health problems. It is best to see how much your daily intake is of salt and then tell your doctor how much you eat. Your do...
Will eating a lot of salt effect me?
It's probably not going to hurt you now but in the long run yes and the more of it you use the more you're going to think your food needs. Drinking water isn't going to fix anything. You're probably just thirsty from all of that salt. Lucki...
How can eating a lot of salt make you feel bad?
eating large amounts of salty foods raises blood pressure, makes the body retain water. it will probably make you feel bloated

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Is salt really that bad for us? What will happen if I keep eating it?
Q: I have already had my gall bladder removed because of a large gall stone.But I crave salt all the time and I find myself eating a lot of salt. (Yes, I am anemic.) I haven't found any real salt substitutes that do anything for me, and the iron pills I have tried to take just about kill my stomach.So my question is, what, if anything, will happen to me or my body if I continue to intake so much salt? Or is it all a bunch of hype?
A: Salt is not that bad for you unless you suffer from hypertension or some other related disorder. However, eating a lot of salt can lead to them, so you should limit your intake to 2400 mgs daily per the RDA. Or else you could have a problem. If you are taking in a lot of salt, drink a lot of water too, that will help wash it out of the system. I would be more concerned with the craving for salt....the body usually causes cravings for what it needs....perhaps you are doing something to take the salt out of your system? Like perhaps drinking a lot of fluids already? Dieting or taking something like a diuretic? If not, then its time to see a doctor about this craving. Its not a bunch of hype. I wonder why you connect the iron pills to this question? They seem unrelated to the salt issue. Why were you taking iron in the first place?
Why do I get bloated when I don't eat lots of salt?
Q: i used to get bloated from eating salt, so i tried to restrict my salt intake. about a year ago i started drinking more water and salt no longer made me bloated. now i get bloated if i don't eat tons of salt before bed. i'm not drinking too much water, so what's going on?
A: If you are having fluid retention, you need to check this out with your physician to rule out problems with your electrolyte balance, kidneys, or heart before you look for answers here. We can't diagnose you without knowing more about you and without seeing you, any more than any physician could make a diagnosis with this amount of information.Take care!
I ate a lot of salt and now I'm really thirsty, if I drink a lot of water now, will I gain weight?
Q: According to my grandmother, she's telling me that if I take in a lot of salt (which I did -_-) and start drinking water to full fill the thirst, that will make me fat and it will interfere with my weight loss.Will it?What should I do? I am seriously dying of thirst because I drank lemonjuice with A LOT of salt. D:If its just "water weight" i'll gain, how will i lose that water weight?
A: It's going to be just water weight. If you don't drink the water, you'll be mildly dehydrated so much better for you to be retaining a bit of water as your body is trying to get rid of some of that extra sodium. The water retention should last only a few days at worst. All you need to do is make sure you get your 6-8 glasses of water per day and you'll stop retaining water and go back to normal.

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