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What diseases can the guy get from getting head

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Herpes can be transmitted. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-diseases-can-the-guy-get-from-getting-head ]
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What diseases can the guy get from getting head
Herpes can be transmitted.

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What kind of sexually transmitted diseases can you get from giving someone head?
Q: what are the possible types of diseases can you get from giving a guy a b low job? please answer this asap!
A: Yes, you can get gonorrhea, oral herpes, venereal warts on the lips, tongue and/or oral mucosa, chlamydia, and Hepatitis B from giving oral sex to a guy. Although the chances are very low, you may also contract HIV if the guy has the virus and you've got open sores/wounds in your mouth, no matter how minuscule they are.
Can you get any type of disease from having oral sex without a condom or mouth guard?
Q: My friend told me that she gave oral sex for the first time and the guy that she gave it to didn't wear a condom and she didn't have any mouth guard/dental dam...She kept saying how it was safe and she wasn't going to get anything because he didn't ejaculate in her mouth [I know vulgar...Sorry! I've known the guy for a long time and he is a manwhore and has slept with lots of girls she knows this as well] But I think In fact I'm almost positive that isn't true. Am I right? If so what kind of diseases can she get? I tried to tell her but she's hard headed and thinks she's always right! [I KNOW this is in the P & S section but the STD section is deserted...No one will answer]
A: To put it bluntly, she just "mouthed" any disease he may have!
The worst year of my life! What can I do!?
Q: I'm going to be completely straight-forward here and tell you exactly why this is the worst year of my life:The year started great, I got engaged! Since then, bad thing after bad thing keeps on happening and I am really upset and p*d off about it, I'm doing all I can to stop the rot and nothing seems to be working, it is getting worse!My dad fell down the stairs, due to a bleed on the brain, which sped up the onset of his huntingdons disease, he's now been laid of work for 3 weeks, may get retired on medical grounds.I was assaulted by a friend of a "friend", left bleeding from the head, the guy who did it was arrested but released without charge with just a caution for ABH. I had to take 2 weeks off work, then I was made redundant on the day I went back, as the company was going bust. I am still getting over the trauma of the assault.My fiancee's dad then had to go to hospital, came out after a few weeks but very sadly passed away 3 days ago.Also the tenancy contract on my flat is due to expire and the landlady is not renewing it, so as of June 6 we will be homeless. We are both claiming JSA, both looking very hard for work, though the ratio of unemployed people to available jobs in the local area is 10:1 and rising. I'm only 23, my fiancee is only 18, we are both stuck in this situation. I am also under debt management for £10,000 and even finding this a struggle. Even petty things are now getting to us as we are so annoyed that this year is getting worse and worse by the minute. Any advice on how we can stop the rot?
A: You have a loving fiancee, your father is still with you, and the friend spent a night in jail that he more than likely will never forget. Give it time, and all will work itself out. I know that doesn't help much for the short term, but right now is a hard time for nearly everyone, especially in the 18-25 range.We all will get through it, and until then, count your blessings, as some have even fewer than yourself.

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