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What diseases can drinking urine give you

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There are no diseases listed that you can get from drinking urine. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-diseases-can-drinking-urine-give-you ]
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What diseases can drinking urine give you
There are no diseases listed that you can get from drinking urine. ChaCha on!

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what diseases can you catch through someone playing a sick prank like making you drink someones urine?
Q: you see my boy friends friend urinated in his beer and gave it to him to drink...i think he threw up after wards but i still want to know if he could have gotten HIV, hepatitis's or anything else?
A: Urine is 100% sterile. Your boyfriend can catch nothing.
is it true pork is A dirtyest animal on the planet? Why eat than??
Q: I ask A friend why many people don't eat pork? he gave me answer like this, with reasons,1) pork allways like to live in a dirtyest places, like drainage etc2) eats its own shits & drinks urines,3) it is the only animal make sex with all family menmbers like father, mother, brother, son,sister, with anyone, & it is the only animal which invites others(out siders) to make sex with its girl friend sister etc,4) its the animal which carry's maximum number of un hygyenic bactarias which can cause of many diseases, It has got very high colesterol in its meat,5) it can eat all and any kinds of dirty foods, But, beef Lamb chickens eat only vegetarians, & they are clean animals,6) Why all the mager religions not allowed to eat pork? like Islam, Jewish, Hindu, even Christianity (Bible) says don't eat pork, But why Christians eat??Please answer me What you say about it??
A: It is a reservoir of disease and germ. Pork meat contained tape worm and bacterias. And also it is the carrier of Japanese Encephalitis virus. No matter how well you cooked it you never be sure that the worms and germs is killed. Why take the risk?
Undiagnosed illness debilitating this 24 year old. Please help!!!?
Q: I'll make a long story as short as possible and give you a brief idea of what I've been going through.Me = 24 years old, male, athletic one year ago, debilitated now.Symptoms (vary from time to time, but listed in order of prevalence of what I'm feeling at the moment:1. Dizzyness (light-headedness) --> feels like i'm going to faint, but the room doesn't spin and i don't feel off-balance. 2. Head tingling/pressure in spots. Tingling usually is brief, while pressure can last hours or a day or two. Pressure builds on standing sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. Usually located just above the ears and on the back of the head. Sort of like 2 fingers keeping pressure on my head just above the ears.3. Heart arrthmia (sinus tachyardia)4. Palpitations5. Waves of nausea that come on and go within 10 seconds or so6. High blood pressure (going on for 4 years now). During times when I'm most dizzy, and while on Benicar for it, it can hit 165/95 or so.7. Tired/FatiguedWhen I wake up in the morning, I seem to feel fine aside from having sinus drainage. Around 10am I get much much worse and very lightheaded. Sinus drainage increases. Pressure in the back of my nasal cavity increases. Drinking a coke or something with a lot of sugar seems to help.Tests I've had: 1. Numerous blood tests (vitamin check, cbc, eppstein barr, complete metabolic panel, flu, etc.)2. Balance test given by ENT3. MRI without contrast4. Holter Monitor that recorded 50 or so palpitations 5. EKGs with two different cardiologists6. ECG 7. Chest X-Ray8. Urine sampleAND FINALLY, I got some relief. I went to my ENT again asking about anything that could possibly be causing it. He said he was positive it wasn't inner ear due to the tests we had done. He wanted to treat for allergies to see if that helped. So I started taking Nasonex, Lodrane 24, and Prednisone. The Prednisone was a 7 day pack, and on the 2nd day, ALL MY SYMPTOMS had almost completely gone away. I was having side effects of higher than normal blood pressure and also feeling wired and jittery, and was waking up with a pulse of 120-130bpm for about an hour every day. But I didn't care, because the symptoms I'd lived with for months and months were gone.The Prednisone pack tapered off, and the symptoms have now come back. So what does this mean? I went back to my general practicioner, and they are testing me for autoimmune disorders with blood tests that I should get the results of tomorrow. I don't much believe it's autoimmune since my symptoms don't sound similiar to what people with autoimmune diseases have. I did some google'ing and asked my doctor if I could be treated for Candida, even though it was a long shot. So starting yesterday I was put on a once a week anti-fungal pill to see if it is a yeast problem.Not sure where to go next or what to do. I had to stay home from work again today and I'm going to lose my job unless something changes soon. No one can give me a diagnosis. I want to just go to another doctor today and get some answers but I don't know where to turn. What should I do, or what could this be???Edit to add:We ruled out meniere's disease at the ENT.I've had my blood sugar checked a few times and was normal.
A: I know you probably won't like this but it sounds very much like stress/panic disorder, the tingling can occur if you hyperventilate and it interferes with the blood chemistry which would also cause dizziness and nausea, as well as the heart palpitations, racing heartbeat etc. The blood pressure is more worrying as you are young to have it and although stress can make it worse it shouldn't remain consistently high. Drinking coke is not good as it is high in caffeine and that will just exaggerate your symptoms. As the prednisolone worked i would hazzard a guess that it is an autoimmune or inflammatory disease of some description as steroids do help with those. There are lots of little known conditions so it is unlikely that You would be able to find your symptoms matching exactly one of the better know ones. If they find nothing it could be that you have ME or something, maybe Menieres which would tie in with your ear and nose problem. hang in there, it sounds like your doctors are trying to get a hold on this for you. Best of luck

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