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What could be wrong if you are throwing up

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#There are a number of things that can be wrong: Addison's Disease # Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism # Antiemetics.See your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-be-wrong-if-you-are-throwing-up ]
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Can you tell me Everyday now im coughing so hard im throwing up. ...?
Usually, this is not cause for alarm unless the vomiting doesn't stop. I would call your healthcare professional tomorrow. ChaCha!
What is wrong if you are throwing up blood?
Blood This has happened to me and once to my friend. If you are pregnant or throwing up alot, it could be caused by the vomit tearing up your esophagus and cause small tears. It can also be caused by drinking heavily. on a more serious note...
Is there anything wrong with not throwing up?
It's not particularly unsafe to not puke, but I would advise it. If you need to puke, then puke. Your body could be trying to get rid of something it doesn't particularly like. For instance, if you have too much salt, your body will want to...

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my toy poodel is sick hes throwing up some and is wining a little what could be wrong?
Q: how do you know if hes dehidrated he is 1 yr old hes not as playful either is there any thing i can do for him to make him feel better
A: Has he had all his shots? You really might want to consider taking to a vet. You can tell he's dehydrated when the inside of his mouth is dry and he's not peeing very much. Could have been something he just ate or could be something more serious such as parvo or maybe even a bowel obstruction. I don't want to scare you because it's probably nothing but why take the chance. Good luck, hope he feels better soon.
what could throwing up in cats be caused by?
Q: ok so for id say the past 3 maybe 4 years my cat has always thrown up alot, and it comes and goes like she'll be fine for like a few weeks and i'll only get like 2 or 3 piles, and then she goes into overdrive where im picking up 2 or 3 piles a day, shes been to the vet before and they checked her out, and since she stays at a decent weight they dont know whats wrong, so i put her on kitten chow and she stopped puking as much, but then it went back to normal, so i put her on sensitive systems food and it worked for a while then but then the sam happened.before when i took her to the vet i thought maybe its from worms, so they dewormed her, and it stopped for a while then once again it started up.idk what to do, i mean no matter what shes my baby and i would never ever give her away, i just dont know what to do, could it be some kind of disease? if so its not contagious cuz my other two cats are perfectly healthy.and its not a birth defect cuz it started when she was around 2my only other thought of what it may be, is when she was younger she used to be an outside cat, and she lived with her mother and brother, well i went out of town one week and her mom ran away. then about 3 or 4 months later i went out of town again and her brother ended up missing to(please keep in mind i was only about 11 oe 12 when that happened). so after that she became an inside cat and i cant really remember but i think thats when it may have started, but idk.anyways what do you think this may be caused by? and what can i ask the vet to do to find out?
A: So you've already taken her to the vet and they didn't find a physical cause, right? It could be a reaction to some of the ingredients in her food. Many cats can't tolerate foods with corn, wheat, soy, or gluten very well. They can make them throw up a lot or develop skin conditions and other problems.Cats didn't evolve eating large amounts of grain and it can be hard for them to thrive on the high amounts of grains in most grocery store brand cat foods, along with all of the preservatives, colorings, and other additives they throw in during the manufacturing process.My sensitive tummy cat is on "Professional" brand cat food and is doing pretty well on it. He still throws up once in a while, but usually it's when he's eaten something he shouldn't have, like a houseplant leaf or some human food he's snitched that disagrees with his tummy. There are other brands that are good too, like California Natural, Natural Balance, Halo, Nature's Variety, Wellness, HealthWise, and more. Just avoid ones with corn, wheat, soy or gluten, and it may help your kitty do better.Another benefit of natural foods for my cat is that he eats less because the food is so nutritious that he doesn't have to eat as much as with "junk" cat foods to get the nutrition he needs.Good luck - you're sure to find one that will help!
what could be wrong if you throw up 1/4 of a cup of blood when your sick?
A: Vomiting of blood results after there is upper gastrointestinal bleeding. This condition can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from coughing up blood (from the lung) or a nosebleed (bloody post-nasal drainage).Other causes could be:Prolonged and vigorous retching (may cause a tear in the small blood vessels of the throat or the esophagus, producing streaks of blood in the vomit) Bleeding ulcer located in the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus Irritation or erosion of the lining of the esophagus or stomach Bleeding esophageal varices Vascular malformations of the GI tract Tumors of the stomach or esophagus Esophagitis Gastritis Ingested blood (for example, swallowed after a nosebleed) Gastroenteritis For the amount of blood you have described, it is likely caused by an ulcer.Try this link, as it explains all causes of blood in vomit.http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003118.htm#Common%20Causes.

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