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What causes your eyes to pop out

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One of the most common causes of bilateral (both eyes) bulging eyes is a thyroid condition referred to as Graves Disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-your-eyes-to-pop-out ]
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What causes blood vessels to pop in the eyes??
Have you had your blood pressure checked or been checked for diabetes? I would also make an eye appointment since it seems your eye is suffering from "pressure" and it could be something quite serious.
What color eye shadow causes Dark Brown eyes to pop??
I went to MAC and they said that green make brown eyes pop. they put green eye shadow on me and it really brings out the color
How can I reduce the swelling under my eye caused from a popped p...?
The best solution for bringing down eye swelling is to put a cold compress on it for fifteen minutes at a time.

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