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What causes off balance walking

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You may be referring to vertigo. Causes are BPPV, inner ear inflammation, Meniere's disease, multiple sclerosis, tumor...MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-off-balance-walking ]
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What causes off balance walking
You may be referring to vertigo. Causes are BPPV, inner ear inflammation, Meniere's disease, multiple sclerosis, tumor...MORE?

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What causes your body to be off balance?
Q: it started when i was cheerleading in the 10th grade. after that it went down hill. i got pregnant and my balance was really bad then once i had the baby it got even worste. i could hardly walk up or down stairs without falling. i can not stand with my feet together. and any time i have to close my eyes i fall. i have a nine month old baby and i am worried that when i hold him i may fall . please anyone who may have a answer help me?
A: From the cheerleading your body and back is probably out of shape and out of wack.. Since that activity is hard on a body as well as carrying a child. You need to go to a ciroprater(sp?) and get popped and back in align.I was actually 2 inches off by right leg was longer then my left and after a couple of treatments on was back in shape and everything lined up.
Is it normal for a 21 month old to be off balance?
Q: BELOW WAS MY ORIGINAL POST!I'm posting this as a way to let people who answered my last question know what's going on with my daughter!I took her in to the hospital to have her checked out. They checked her ears and nothing was wrong.. so they decided to do a ct scan basically to shut me up and get me out of the office. Well low and behold she has an old lesion in her brain. Which means she may have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. Not the kind you normally think about when you hear the word "Cerebral Palsy" but one that affects the coordination and balance of a person when they try to do something too fast (ie: walk fast or run) it can also cause a problem with depth perception which could cause her to walk into things and walk off of things!They want me to schedule an MRI to confirm diagnoses. Now this isn't what I necessary wanted to hear but at least I now know why my daughter is having all these issues and we can start working on getting her into physical therapy.Thank you all that helped me out!"My daughter mastered walking a LONG time ago around her 1st birthday. She was a little wobbly like most new walkers but as time went on it seemed that even though she was getting better she still seemed off balance. Now she's almost 2 and she's constantly falling over. I mean she'll be walking and nothing will be in her way and she'll face plant into the ground or fall sideways. Lately she's been seen walking into things.. not like she can't see them but like she tries to make a corner and she loses balance and plows right into it! I'm super worried! Should I worry? What should I do?! My husband thinks there is nothing to worry about but the more and more she falls and hits her head the more and more I begin to stress about it! I don't know what I'd do if there was something seriously wrong with her!I'd like to add that I'm almost 100% positive that it is not an eye problem seeing as she'll just be walking and then wam she's on the ground.. and did I mention that she's not tripping over anything when she falls not even her feet.. she just falls over.I doubt she would have water in the inner ear seeing as this has been an issue for a little over a year. She has had ear infections in the past but not constantly and not bad at all. And she gets enough sleep. She goes to bed at about 9 and refuses to wake up until around 10am and then she has a 2 to 4 hr nap in the afternoon.. So she's good on sleep."She was premature Tenacious. :)
A: Sorry to hear your bad news. Next step I would want to find out the cause of this lesion. Its often a birth injury, like if the delivery doc used forceps or a suction device to help remove the baby. Otherwise a fall or hit to the head early in life. Shaking and whip lash type movement are also causes. If your baby was premature, that will always be assumed to be the cause but if not, I would look into it further. Good for you for getting this figured out. Now you can deal with it. Hopefully it will be mild and well-managed.
My 3mo old kitten is drooling, off balance, and backing up to walk instead of turning around. ?
Q: My 3month kitten has just started drooling and acting off balance, dizzy. He was sitting on the rug and instead of getting up, he began walking backwards. This is odd and he has never done this before. What could cause this?
A: Take the cat to your vet. If your vet is closed take him to the closest animal emergency room. Good Luck

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