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What causes a twitch in my arm

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Causes: * Benign twitches (not caused by disease or disorders)- Often affecting the eyelids, calf, or thumb, Normal and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-a-twitch-in-my-arm ]
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What causes your arm to twitch
Pinched nerve in the vertebra related to arm muscle(s). Let a chiropractor examine and educate you. Best wishes.
What Causes Twitching Of The Arm And Chest Muscles And Screaming ...?
He's dreaming of the cute girly dog down the street. Put on some Barry White for him.
What is causing the muscle twitch in my arm?
Your symptoms are being caused by a spirit. It is trying to get your attention. As evidence, close your eyes and call out in our mind, "I feel you, can you hear me?" You will hear the spirit's responses in your mind as if you th...

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What is this twitching feeling in my right arm near the elbow?
Q: For the last week or so I have been getting an intermittent "twitching" feeling inside my right arm above and below the elbow. Something "twitches" (I think that's the best word to describe it) two or three times inside my arm. It causes a slight twitching movement in the arm which is visible to the naked eye.Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it could be.I'm 29, female and in good health with no underlying health problems.
A: Being tired can cause these twitches, I get them all the time, esp at the back of my arms. Just getting some extra sleep can help and they will soon stop.
Twitching in my forearm, please help?
Q: Details first:I am 15for the past few years, mostly the past few months I have been getting extreme muscle twitching all over my body every few seconds that last one jump or for hours,days.I have horrible anxiety now thinking I have ALS because I feel like im getting weaker.I've had this leg twitch that twitches fast and goes away for alittle and comes back. My other twitches are every few seconds a muscle jumps once then another muscle jumps.I was just sitting there laying on this arm then above my elbow the big "flexing" muscle jumped once..twice..three times, and its been jumping every few seconds over and over for 15 minutes now.I've had this similar twitch a few years back and it lasted for a week, drove me insane.Should I worry? I walked about 1.5 miles today and only drank some iced tea, no water, could I be alittle dehydrated? I always feel tired and I get weak easily, I havent lifted real weights in months because if I lift something, it causes horrible twitching..I was dehydrated a few months back and got an IV, but it didnt change much. I admit I do not drink alot of water daily, and I sit at the computer for hours a day leaned forward so my back hurts horribly if I stand too long or walk too much.That's not my problem at the moment, but if you can tell me a reason and convince me I do not have a disease, I'll feel so much better. Months of this and im going insane.Do you know what this arm twitch is about? I don't think a twitch once every few seconds would be common in regular twitchers, unless you had a similar twitch.Was laying on my arm bent causing this? it is really annoying and I cant seem to find a position where I dont feel it.I'm twitching in my arm, leg, and other leg right now for hooours and im scared, should I?Please help, this arm twitch makes my whole muscle jump and this leg twitch feels like pressure pushing inside my skin.WHATS CAUSING THESE
A: some drugs can cause twitching, it could be a neruro problem, also stress can cause that, if you don't have a drug problem then go see a doc,,
What causes muscle twitching?? i get muscle twitching all the time?
Q: its weird i get musle twitching in my fingers,toes,arms legs.it happens daily in one of those spots usually my fingers and toes ..its like the just twitch lightly anywhere from 5-30 seconds in sometimes it will twitch for an entire day on and off,if its in a finger sometimes i can stretch out my arm and it will twitch more i can just sit there and not move and watch my finger twitch why does this happen ? is it normal?
A: Twitching, spasms and cramps are often caused by a magnesium deficiency.

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