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What caused micheal jackson to be white

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Michael Jackson repeatedly asserted that he had a disease called vitiligo, which can produce milky white spots on the skin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-caused-micheal-jackson-to-be-white ]
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What caused micheal jackson to be white
Michael Jackson repeatedly asserted that he had a disease called vitiligo, which can produce milky white spots on the skin.
Did michael jackson really have a skin condition that caused him ...?
In 1986, Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo,a dangerous condition resulting in lightning skin color.
What is the cause of the famous Michael Jackson's skin turning wh...?
Michael Jackson has a serious skin disease called vitiligo, he had it under control though.

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why is micheal jackson white?
Q: micheal jackson used to be black now he's whitewhat's up with thati heard from mtv that he got plastic surgery to get whitein the vh1 dedication to him they said he a skin decease caused by cancer i thought that his cancer is what led to his heart failure & i saw an image of him & he broke off his nose what is up with him he had cancer for 15 years & survived what is up with the king of pop
A: Micheal Jackson isnt white .. he is very black.. he just appers white because of his skin condtion it cause spots of differant colors and he wheres makeup to hide the differant colored spots .. Micheal has been through heck in back with the media you just cant believe all that you read ..
real evidence that Micheal Jackson did bad things with children?
Q: What real evidence is there that Micheal Jackson did something bad with children? Did he really have something wrong with his skin causing him to turn "white"?
A: He did have a skin disease it was even anounced a while back that he was diagnosed with vitiligo. Plus it was kindave obvious when you looked at the white patches on his skin. And Other than the one incident with the baby, there is no evidence of him doing anything to children like everyone always says he did.
does micheal jackson really have kids?
Q: since he decided to go white what happened to his DNA and are those kids really his cause they really white to be from an african?just curious
A: MJ "turning white" has nothing to do with the skin color of his children. The reason why these children have white skin is because their mother is white.Not all biracial children look "mixed". It is perfectly possible for someone that is half white/half black to have blond hair and blue eyes.

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