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What can you get from sharing chapstick

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Meningococcal Disease is a rare but potentially life threatening bacterial infection that can be gotten from sharing chapstick. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-get-from-sharing-chapstick ]
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Can you get herpes by sharing chapstick?
Yes. Saliva will be on your lips and when you use the chapstick it transfers it to the chapstick and when you share it you transfer your saliva. Whenever you share saliva you can transfer herpes. so, the answer is yes you can.

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can you get herpes from..?
Q: sharing chapstick? what abou sharing drinks?
A: it is possible, that you could catch cold sores, which as you know is a form of herpes, then could lead to genital herpes. ect... though, the chapstick is way more easier to pass cold sores than sharing a drink, because sharing chapstick, lipstick ect.... is direct skin to skin contact.
Cold Sore Question/Help PLease!?
Q: okay so im not soo sure but for the most part i think i got a cold sore.. its on the corner of my lips both corner and a couple boil looking things on my lips.. their not big. but they ITCH A LOT and for some reason the corner of my lips are kinda swollen.So my question is, after thinking so much how could i have gotten if i didnt kiss any random person or shared anything, i remember that on sunday i hung out with my friends that i usually hang out every weekend or so.. and that day we were smoking hookah and for that we were sharing the pipe and all and thats all i can think about sharing something.. the next day i start getting this itch on my lip..now yesterday my gf said it might been this friend because her and my gf are best friends and she told she has had cold sore's before.. so i said why is it that i got it and u didnt get it... because me and my gf were smoking it from the same hose/pipe.and she said that it could of been because my lips had a cut or were chapped and had a cut? can this be true?I also didnt see any cold sore's on her that day otherwise i wouldn't have shared anything with her, but can you still get it even though she didnt have it that day but she has had it before?Also im using HERPECIN L as medicine to cure it, its a chapstick type thing and i put it on every hour or and cover it and clean it up.. but after a while idk if its the chapstick or the cold sore but i get this yellowish scabs looking things on the side of my lips? what is that? and what would happen if somehow i swallow that scab by mistake?do you guys know a faster way to cure this?this is my first time having it.. so im kinda paranoid lol, its kinda gross.and can u recommend me another over the counter medicine that has work wonders.. or at least stop the itching.yea def. none of that stuff.. i don't want it to get worse but ill try that medicine you have told me and see if its better..Just curious though, if you have a cold sore and you "go down on a girl" can that be turn from a cold sore into genital herpes which is BAD? - not that i have done it.. just curious and want to know
A: Abreeva is more expensive but it works wonders. I used to get coldsores from stress so i always had a tube handy. It takes a few days to go away but as long as you don;t play with it you will be OK. Also no kissing or going down on your girl, you can give her herpies that way.
What was this? I'm so mad to be honest.?
Q: In class I was just sitting there using my chapstick. My teacher comes up to me and grabs my chapstick and gets his head not even an inch away from mine and tries to pull it away from me. I resist and so he tries to use the chapstick and his head bumps mine. He then tells me I can't use the chapstick unless I want to share. What the heck?! I thought it was completely uncalled for. And then at the end of class he tells me to have a better day tomorrow. Honestly he needs to find his own playmate. Do you think this is just some sick joke or what?By the way this is some old man. He's like gotta be over 60.Oh yeah, this was also in front of the whole class, so yes it was very embarrassing to me. And my head honestly still hurts from the bump.Paying attention to what? We were all just sitting there waiting for class to start. He was just passing out quizzes.
A: set him up... get a tape recorder and and flirt with him and see if he flirts back then get him to say he likes you and then tell your parents.

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