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What can blood test determine

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Blood test can conform almost any disease or condition under the sun. Which are you interested in? ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-blood-test-determine ]
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How soon can a blood test determine pregnancy?
A blood test can determine pregnancy by determining if a hormone called hCG is in your blood. This hormone is produced by the placenta. Blood tests can determine pregnancy as early as 6 days after ovulation.
How early can a blood test determine pregnancy?
i believe a blood test will show pregnancy within 48 hours. as soon as the sperm penetrates an ovum the ovum releases a chemical cocktail that signals the ovaries and uterus they have a new job. they immediately start releasing special horm...
Is there a blood test available to determine whether or not I hav...?
A blood test is available to check immunity, but it is not required before vaccination. However, since 70% to 90% of adults who do not remember having chickenpox actually have protection in their blood when tested, testing adults who do not...

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How do blood test determine liver function?
Q: My Doctor had my blood drawn for testing. He said that my liver enzymes were high. How dangerous is this? Could it be normal for me? I have a friend who's temperature runs higher than 98.6, he has an overactive thyroid. He can eat what he wants, and all he wants, and not gain a pound!!! If I even look at a picture of a big pizza I put on 5 pounds, God I hate him. But in all seriously could my liver enzymes just run higher than normal? Could all of the Tylenol I take for my back pain cause this liver condition? I have heard that Tylenol isn't as safe as the public has been led to believe.First of all thanks, all of the answers were well thought out, and I have learned a lot. I don't drink alcohol, the medication regiment I am on, put my beer drinking days behinding me.When you are taking drugs like Remeron, Klonopin, and Neurontin, drinking even 1 beer can leave you feeling very uncomfortable. I don't use illegal drugs, haven't smoked in 8 years. I am however 68 pounds over my ideal body weight. I have also been taking, Tylenol# 3 with codeine, 3 times a day for a year now. I suspect it's the Tylenol that has my liver "out of wack", and I have stoped taking it. I think Tylenol is far more dangerous than people have been led to believe,however Tylenol has became as American as apple pie. Tylenol is in some 60+ different over the counter cold, and flu medicines, if it is a liver toxin, getting it off the shelves, will require a Congressional mandate.
A: Your liver is the bloods filter. It's functionality can be determined through a blood directed test,
Can a blood test determine if you have any STDs?
Q: Can a blood test determine if you have any std? including genital warts? I know that a blood test will show Aids but what about the others??
A: yes! of course it can show some STD! but blood test will not show HPV virus!!
can a blood test determine what causes insomnia?
Q: i mean, if you get a blood test, can it tell you what's causing insomnia?
A: If the cause is thyroid disease, then a blood test for thyroid hormone levels (free T3 and free T4) will show the cause.If the cause is adrenal disease, then you need a pee test.If the cause is psychological, then you need a thorough evaluation and treatment by a psychiatrist.

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