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What are some Squirrel diseases

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Squirrel pox, or squirrel fibroma is a viral disease which produces multiple tumors on the skin of gray and fox squirrels.Plague is a bacterial disease that can be transmitted to humans through flea bites.West Nile virus has been confirmed MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-squirrel-diseases ]
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Do squirrels carry diseases?
Squirrels are primary carriers of tick fever, powassan virus and rabies. Tick fever is a virus that results in, obviously, a fever, chills, headache, eye pain, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting. Tick fever can be a severe illness, especially...
What kind of diseases do squirrels carry?
1. Metabolic Bone Disease Metabolic bone disease, or MBD, is a preventable problem that can occur in animals we rehabilitate. MBD has also been seen in wild animals with no prior human contact, though this is rare. A knowledge of this condi...
Can any squirrel diseases be transmitted to dogs? Are there any s...?
Dear Anne, In general, pathogens are not easily transmitted between squirrels and dogs, and I know of no airborne viruses harbored by squirrels that could harm a dog. If a dog eats a squirrel that is playing intermediate host to parasites (...

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Is it ok to touch a baby squirrel? If not, what diseases should I keep in mind?
Q: Friday I found this baby squirrel abandoned after the construction workers destroyed a squirrel den, so I decided to take him in and nurse him abck to health until ready to go into the wild. Hes 5 weeks old right now, only thing is, I have touched him slightly without gloves but im curious if its ok to touch this squirrel? I know how rodents can carry some diseases, but I wanted to help this squirrel. Right now hes built his strength back up, he just hasnt opened his eyes yet (hes too young)Kool aid guy ahs given me the most ridiculous answer ive heard yet, no shit all wild animals are susceptible to disease, but im looking for more logical answers. I appreciate the rest of you, the squirrel is very healthy, has no trouble moving or breathing so i wasnt sure. I heard rabies were rare in squirrels
A: No, it is not okay. For starters, there's rabies (hydrophobia is actually a symptom of rabies, not some separate disease). Then, there's the wonderful disease that rodents are known to carry those in the know call "The Bubonic Plague." Your history teacher most likely called it "The Black Death."
Please awnser, very irrational phobia >:?
Q: his has been bothering me a lot lately. I have no idea why, I took a look at an image of a dog and just couldn't look at it. I feel the same with other animals. Most particulary mammals. I've got other phobias which can link to this-I'm terrified of disease. All the stories of all these animals and how you should kill them because they all have these deadly diseases and such, and some very bizzare stories of animals talking threatening to kill people (Google Gef the talking weasel and beware the black dogs) This fear has been incubating for at least 8 years, I have no idea what started it, as everything's all a fuzz. I do remember stories of animals, such as my mother being bitten by a dog, and films such as Cujo (which I watched when I was about 8) that terrfied me, and it's all suddenly come forth. Everytime I even talk about a dog, see an image of a raccoon, opossum, weasel, dog, cat, mouse, squirrel, wolf, badger, and any other mammal I break up in tears, my heart starts to get up to 120 BPM, and I very frequently hyperventilate, even just talking about them. I always think they're going to come up and talk to me or haunt me, or bite me and give me some disease. I always think they're hunting me down, I'm just terrified and It's getting worse very fast. I have a cat, and every time she comes to me I have to get someone to get her out, and I breakdown. I'm starting to have nightmares and all I think of is this fear.Sources and links:http://www.uticaod.com/news/x1680322477/Preventing-rabies-means-avoiding-wild-animalshttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YgQVClWHwrghttp://www.mania.com/lair-beasts-beware-black-dog_article_111925.htmlAnd numerous other articles (such as mammilian pets killing their owners e.t.c.)I'm completely fine with everything else, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Insects, e.t.c.I used to love all animals, but now I can't even visit the park because I am so scared of encountering a wild mammalI'm afraid that I'll kill it if it comes close to me and it'll haunt me forever
A: You HAVE to see a psychiatrist. This is extremely irrational and will ruin your life if you don't stop it now!
A parapylegic Squirrel?
Q: So I recently rescued a squirrel who fell from a tree and is now parylyzed from the wast down. His systems seem to be doing ok-he's peeing and pooing as he should. He doesn't seems to have any diseases so that's also good-in fact, he pretty healthy.So, I want to know a few things--What are some things squirrels shouldn't eat?-Is there anything I can do for it medically?-He keeps knocking over his water bowl. I just put a water bottle in there (like the kind you use for hamsters and rabbits) Will he use it? I positioned it low enoough so he can reach it since he can't stand.-Are there any organizations in America who could take this squirrel?-And what are some things I should know about taking care of a squirrel?Now, I understand that squirrels are wild animals and I understand that it will probably never be pet-like to me. I can hold it in my lap and pet it (it doesn't bite me) but I am very cautious about it and understand that it's instincts are very stong.Thanks :DWhen I mentioned the thing about the water bottle, I also meant to ask if he would possibly use it.Whoopsie!Thanks :DWOW. Ignore that other edit. :D
A: Wow those other answers are pretty brutal. Here is a educated one. Go to yellowpages.com and search for a nature/wildlife reserve in your area. They can take the little guy and properly take care of him. It's great you are doing your part to protect him. The animal experts can take it over from here.

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