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What are carriers of a genetic disorder

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Genetic disorders are caused by abnormalities in a persons genes and can cause diseases such as Down's Syndrome. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-carriers-of-a-genetic-disorder ]
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What are carriers of a genetic disorder
Genetic disorders are caused by abnormalities in a persons genes and can cause diseases such as Down's Syndrome.
Am i carrier for this genetic disorder?
Its an interesting topic. Some research has indicated that Crohn's disease may have a genetic link. The disease runs in families and those with a sibling with the disease are 30 times more likely to develop it than the normal population. Sm...
What might a scientist examine to deturmine whether a person is a...?
most likely answer is D. genetic markers although you could hypothetically use the other things and discover genetic disorders as well i would also study the person's family history

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What is the purpose of genetic counseling after a child is born and known to have a genetic disorder?
Q: To determine if they are carriers or if their children might get the disorder?
A: Right as Terri S. said: to help provide parents with information about what could come up in the future.Also, many genetic counselors work with patients to help alleviate the symptions their disease. They might also help figure out special diets that are needed (such as with PKU syndrome), what kind of exercise and/or physical may be needed, how to prevent the disease from becoming worse, etc. They can also provide the counseling needed to a family who has someone suffering from a genetic disorder. It can be hard and stressful having a child with special needs (but also very rewarding), and a genetic counselor can help in that regard.
Genetic Disorders?
Q: In a population of birde, 16 of 100 individuals suffer from a recessive genetic disorder that causes the feathers to fall off their wings. What proportion of the bird population are heterozygous carriers of that disorder ?
A: 48% of birds are heterozygous carriers.The gene frequency of "x", the recessive gene is .4, the suare root of .16. Conversely, if the proportion of the little x gene is .4, one squares this to see that 16% of birds have the homozygous disease condition. So if the proportion of the little x recessive gene is 0.4, the proportion of the big X gene is 0.6 (assuming there are onlytwo variants of this gene).Homozygous birds with two big XX genes will be 0.6 squared, or 0.36 of birds.Some will be xX, with a proportion of 0.4 x 0.6 or .024. Others will be Xx, also 0.24 of all cases. A total of 0.48 of birds will be heterozygotes... X= 0.6 x=0.4 X .36 .24 x .24 .16sorry for the long-winded answer
How many fertility treatments can I get in my circumstances?
Q: I am a carrier of a genetic disorder (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) which only affects males and am considering egg seperation, which includes removing eggs and having them fertilised In Virtro and then implanting only the female eggs. What I want to know is, how many fertility treatments can I get at a time, and what happens after I sucessfully have a child in terms of future treatment?
A: You have nothing to worry about. The sperm carrys the gender gene not the egg x x xEdit: Looks like we got a thumbs down fairy !

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