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Is caffeine bad for your liver

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No - a 2005 study showed that drinking more than 2 cups of coffee per day can protect those who drink alcohol from liver disease! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-caffeine-bad-for-your-liver ]
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Is caffeine just as bad on your liver than alcohol??
Caffeine is more addictive than alcohol, contrary to popular belief, and affects the stomach. Alcohol is more damaging than caffeine overall and affects the liver. Neither are good in excess, but if I drank as much alcohol as I have caffein...
What is caffeine?
Caffeine is a shot in the arm in the mornings. It is a pick me up or a stimulant that is found in some of the liquids we drink. Believe it or not caffeine is flavorless.
Why is caffeine bad?
Caffeine cause dehydration and can cause an increase in urination which will only make someone dehydrate faster. It can also be addictive ,raise blood pressure and make people jittery and raise the stress levels.

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is it bad to take caffeine with advil?
Q: I recently heard it is bad for your liver to take caffeine and Advil in the same day. Then, someone else told me it is hard on your stomach to take caffeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol) . anyone know whats up?
A: Caffeine actually helps tylenol/advil work. :)
Is it bad to take 2 caffeine pills for the first time ever? ?
Q: okay im 15 n i took half a caffeine pill..my sister was mad cuz i took it wen she found out and said its really bad 4 your liver..is it?? is it bad if i took 2 caffeine pills? does my age make the effects more extreme or something?? please help me!
What is worse on your liver?
Q: Taking a daily dose of: Ambien, antidepressant, Xanax, steroids, alcohol (1 serving), multi-vitamins, cocaine, marijuana, caffeine, Red Bull, eating less than 50g of carbs daily, smoking cigarettes, overeating like twice the recommended caloric intake, 200g of sugar, or eating fried foods every day? I know you're going to say it all depends on dosages, but for the sake of argument, I just want to know what is worse by rank, I mean why exactly is it bad for the liver? Toxicity? Foreigness to the human body? I mean drinking soap would probably mess up your liver too. They say recreational drugs really mess up your liver, but what about all the people who do antidepressants or Ambien every single day versus a guy who only does recreational drugs on the weekends?
A: There are different things that cause liver cell damage...so tryingto list the one that is worse, in order, is hardto do. It depends alot on how a persons own body and liver can handle what is taking place.Lets start with alcohol. The liver takes this alcohol, and using liver enzymes, converts it first into acetaldehyde,then to acetate, then to carbon dioxide and water. A person who drinks in excess, is sensitive to alcohol, or drinks for long time periods can develop fat in the liver (fatty liver disease) or the alcohol isn't completely processed pass the acetaldehyde stage and both the alcohol/acetaldehyde can damage the liver cells.Most all medications go through the liver first, to bebroken down, before going to the rest of the body. Well known drugs, such as acetaminophen, can cause liver cell damage. The number of drugs on the market, whether overthe counter or prescriptions, can have adverse effects on the liver if taken in excess...some more than others. Liver patients are told not to take any medications, no matter what, unless it is approved by or prescribed by their doctors. Drugs are like atwo edge sword...they can help one way and damage you another. The doctors have to weigh the pros andcons of you using them according to the test results and medical background you have. Using alcohol and drugs together is asking for immediatecell damage in the liver. The combination can be deadly. Pharmacies usually catch interactions between drugs prescribed, because of the computers now...yet, there are many interactions that may not be listed. Long term effects of different drug combinations can result in organ damage. Sometime interactions take place immediately and others will appear over time. I cannot say much about smoking, however...I do know that lack of oxygen going to any body organwill result in the organ not being able to funciton well. So if smoking damages the lungs in anyway...then the whole body suffers. People who over eat or drink alcohol can developfat deposits in their liver. Also, those who eat high fat diets...high in cholesterol and triglycerides...can also develop this. The fat inside the liver can cause such pressure in the liver,which is surrounded by a membrane capsule, that it willeven push the nucleus of the liver cells out of place. This is damage.There is many causes of liver cells damage...here isa list of some of them: alcohol consumption, medication toxification, chemical exposure, fatty liver disease,biliary obstruction/malformation/infection, viral infectionslike Hepatitis A-B-C, hereditary condition, auto immune disease, mushroom poisoning, metabolic disorders, cardiac problems, and many others. The end point is this and this will combine all these together. Anything that may have damaged the liver cells has to be stopped. When the cells of the liverbecome damaged, the immune system of the bodyresponds to this and causes inflammation to developinside the liver. Even though the liver is surrounded by a tight membrane capsule, the liver will enlarge because of this. If it isn't stopped, the liver cells can start to die off.When the liver cells die, scar tissue then forms insidethe liver that will block the flow of blood through the liveron its way back to the heart and will also block the flowof blood to the other liver cells (including those that aretrying to regenerate to replace the dead one) till allthe cells have died. It is an irreversible, progressivedisease known as Cirrhosis of the liver. The doctorscan then, only try to slow it down. It ends up that theonly cure then is a liver transplant. A liver transplantcost $300,000 and up...not kidding. Simple blood tests can detect if the liver is havingproblems. Inflammation can be seen best on an ultrasound or CT scan.Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease no one would want. Youmay have no idea, at the beginning that there is anything wrong...but as you reach the last stage ofthis disease...the symptoms are tremendous.The cells of the liver are what does the 500 plusfunctions of the liver to keep the body well. Ascells die off, the functions start to deteriorate. I hope this information has given you some idea of whyit is best to have blood tests done and also to try to eliminatethings that could possibly harm the body. Best wishes.

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