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Is caffeine bad for your brain

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Regular coffee drinkers are 80 percent less likely to develop Parkinson's disease. So, no. But, it is addictive so use moderation. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-caffeine-bad-for-your-brain ]
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Is caffeine bad for your brain
Regular coffee drinkers are 80 percent less likely to develop Parkinson's disease. So, no. But, it is addictive so use moderation.
How bad is caffeine for the brain and body?
caffeine inhance brain function, but it is irritant to the heart causing palpitation

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Is there a lot of caffeine in green tea?
Q: What are some teas with low caffeine that will help in memory, brain functions and overall health without too much caffeine?How is caffeine bad for your body ?
A: Green tea has much less caffeine than black tea and is very good for you. Herbal teas have no caffeine and are extremely good for you.Caffeine is both good and bad for your body. In moderation, it has possitive side effects. It is good for your skin.
Is coffee really bad for your health? If so,in what ways?
Q: Well, me and my sister just recently made a plan of buying a can of coffee beverage mix because we always stay up like around 11:30pm-12:30AM to do all of our homework, waking up at 6AM and don't have enough sleep. So, we thought coffee can help us stay awake throughout the day. My mom said that coffee is really bad for you because it has a lot of caffeine in it and it destroys your brain and she told us to not drink coffee because its not good for our health and to drink some hot green tea instead to stay awake. But, I don't think green tea can help me stay awake cuz like I'm like so sleepy everyday during my classes. I don't even pay attention in chemistry or Intermediate algebra class because of the lack of sleep! That's why I never understand any of the concepts!! I know that coffee is not good for you but, thats all I can think of to stay awake!What are some suggestions you can give me to stay awake during school?? Like maybe some drinks or some sort?Thanks for all your help!=
A: Drinking more than one cup of coffee a day increases the risk of heart disease, a Greek study shows.University of Athens and Harokopio University researchers found drinking more than one cup increased the chances of cardiovascular inflammation.They studied 3,000 people and found those who drank more than 200ml tested higher for a variety of indicators of inflammation.Britons on average drink more than a cup of coffee a day.Men drink 1.7 cups while women drink 1.5 cups and in total £630m is spent on coffee in the UK each year.These figures are based on a cup containing 150ml - but the quantities still add to more than 200ml.
What are the reasons against taking LSD? It causes brain damage over time, is bad for you, can reoccur later,?
Q: and makes you see/believe things that aren't there or aren't true. I realize that as soon as I post this question I will get a lot of replies from people that haven't done the research dissaproving of LSD. I have researched LSD for years, but never done it, keep this in mind while reading. -LSD doesn't make you hallucinate, hallucinating is when your brain creates stimulus that don't exist. LSD causes external stimuli to change, not create them. -LSD is one of the least toxic chemicals known to man. The experiment stating that it caused chromosomal damge also used aspirin and caffeine as controls, which caused more damage -LSD does NOT kill brain cells -LSD is not addictive -LSD has millions more positive experiences reported than negative -There have been almost no confirmed cases of death due to LSD I am not suggesting the gov. legalize LSD, but why not have facilities where you can take LSD in the presence of a therapist to take you safely through it
A: Why are you posting this as a question when you already know all this stuff? :)LSD is extremely low danger for a drug, alcohol is much more dangerous. It's illegal mostly because people are scared of it, and because there isn't a huge industry behind it to push for it to be legal. That's not likely to change any time soon.

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