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How to spell surgery

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S-u-r-g-e-r-y (n) means 1. the art, practice, or work of treating diseases, injuries, or deformities by operative procedures. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-spell-surgery ]
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I recently had surgery, does it sound like I have a case to sue the surgeon?
Q: I was admitted into the hospital to have my gall bladder removed due to it being full of stones and about to burst. I went in for laposcopic (spelling) surgery and wound up coming out of it having open surgery. When I was taken back to my room my husband and mother had told me that it ended up being open surgery because the doctor cut my bile duct because I had no stem (an ultrasound and xray were both performed before surgery so they knew I didn't have a stem between my gall bladder and bile duct). I ended up having the full laposcopic surger as well as a 10 inch incision across my upper stomach because the doctor cut my bile duct. He went into the room to tell my mother and husband how surgery had went and flat out said "I messed up" and he drew a picture to show them what he had done, we kept the picture he had drew. Someone told my family I should sue for pain and extra suffering from having 2 surgeries and the fact that they had done the US and such, what do you guys think, case?
A: I just had lapriscopic gallbladder surgery yesterday. One of the first things they warned me of was that the surgeon may have to open me up all the way and do the fully open surgery. I even had to sign a waiver. Not sure if you would have a case. Did they make you aware of this before you had the surgery?
Torn meniscus (if that's how you spell it) surgery question.?
Q: I dislocated my knee four times and the fourth time my doctor assumed (and made an ass out of u and me) it was the same injury so we didn't get an MRI. It's slowly recovering this time since the is atrophy in my muscle. My doctor decided to get an MRI since this happened and it said I have a torn meniscus. He said I need surgery. I want to know why it's necessary, if it will stop my knee dislocations from happening again, and the intensity of the recovery. Thank you!
A: yes it is necessary it will not heal on its own and you will only have more and more issues with it later in life. I have never had surgery for that but I know that it is done with a scope just to trim where it is torn. I have had 5 scopes done on my knee so I know a bit about that, I have also had one open knee surgery recently. With the scope it is an outpatient procedure. I always went home on crutches but was able to get rid of them in a few days time. You have 3 small incisions and get the stitch out in about 2 weeks. I was in PT right after getting the stitches out and was feeling normal within I would say about 3 months.Open knee is a different ball game. I was in the hospital for 2 days. I had 37 staples in my leg that where taken out 2 weeks after surgery. I am 6 weeks post op now and still on crutches, hope to be able to just use a cane on the 17th, and be starting an intense physical thearpy and then i think that I get to do it all over again with my other knee (FUN FUN)
quick question about my heart?
Q: ok so basically about 4 years ago i found out i had WPW, or an irregular heart beat and i had an oblation(ablation? im not really sure how its spelled) surgery to fix it where they go into your heart and use a laser to burn the piece of the heart that starts the irregular heart beat. like obviously its not a giant part of the heart or anything or they wouldn't do it. but anyways so i got this surgery and initially i thought my problems where solved, but now im not so sure that's the casebasically since the surgery ive been having these really weird palpitations that i never had before the surgery. they're really hard to describe but its almost like my heart feels like it stops beating for a couple seconds and i cant breath and then i get like 5 or 6 really fast beats and its over with. i never pass out or anything its just really weird. then this year i found out that my chemistry teacher had the same surgery done and now must be on blood thinners because of the scarring the surgery caused in her heart. my doctor never told me anything about scarring and im not on medication for it but now that im thinking about it, like it makes a lot of sense that i should have scaring in my heart from this. is it possible that these weird palpitations ive been having are a result of the scare tissue in my heart? ive been to the doctor before about it but they didn't seem to concerned about it and they just checked to make sure i didn't have an enlarged heart and that the WPW wasn't back and it was all good so they sent me on my way. what are your opinions on what it might be/what i should do?thanks!
A: I'll be straight up honest here. I have heard they can "burn" too much tissue or the wrong area of the heart and mess thing up! Are you going back to the doctor that did the surgery or referred you...because there is like no way they would admit making a mistake? Who wants a lawsuit, but you're probably just wanting to feel better. If I were you I would try a different cardiologist who had nothing to do with the treatment and maybe you should be on a beta-blocker or something to regulate things. I have heard of people needing a pacemaker after this procedure but hopefully some medication could help with this.Also, you should write down for the doctor exactly what you described here because it should be checked out. Good luck!

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