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How smart are flies

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No facts state if flies are smart or not, a fly is often a carrier of diseases,such as typhoid fever,cholera,dysentery,anthrax. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-smart-are-flies ]
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Is it smart to keep flies in a safe-deposit box?
Sure, as long as you can fill the whole dang thing up and then start throwing them everywhere with a handful of maggots just before you check out.
How to fly smart .
When you fly on the commercial airlines of the United States, you are flying on the safest, most efficient form of transportation. When the rare accident does occur, more and more people survive due to advances in aircraft manufacturing and...
Can someone direct me to the proper size? Or does smart fly sell ...?
Hi, We don't have these on the site yet so you need to call or you can enter the request for them along with your free decal color on check out.

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how to get rid of flies?
Q: flies are pretty much attacking my 2 dogs outside. we have tried fly traps, they get some of them, then the flies get smart and dont go in them. The dogs also wear flea collars 24/7 and get baths once a week! its not like our yard stinks either.the flies are all over the dogs and we cant get rid of them! please help!yes, the yard is always cleaned and the flies are never around the dog food, just the dogs.
A: fly sprays (for horses) some safe for dogs...read the label first...I use Absorbine Ultrashield...it is labeled for horses and dogs put it on your hands (or a washcloth, or a special sponge & keep in a ziplock bag) to put on the dogs ears and top of their heads, so you don't get in their eyes).This is also good for mosquitos too!Good Luck!
How many of you been in a Interracial relationship?
Q: I've been in lots. I dated mostly Latino and middle eastern guys. I been with tons of black guys to. I have yet to be with a white guy. I used to be deeply opposed to IR relationships because my dad always told me never to date out of my race. But I forsakened his "advice" because he's a hypocrite he cheated on my mom wiht a white woman. Now i date whomever i please. As long as he's fine, fly and smart color doens't matter.My current boyfriend in Middle Eastern and Black. His father is from Jordan and his mom is a Black Americna woman.I'm mixed with domincan and Jamaican myself i embrace my Black side but I really don't have a clue abotu my latino hertiagebettercockster2- i like when a man speaks to me in a different language
A: I always dated black men. And I'm now married to a black man (who I have been with for more than 13 years). I've caught a lot of sh1t from both blacks and whites throughout the years. But I've never regretted the fact that I'm attracted to black men. And I've never regretted the relationship I have with my husband. He's my world, and I would walk through fire for him.Thank you for having such an open mind regarding this matter. I wish you all the best.
Want to joing the Air Force and fly a jet?
Q: How much does it take to be able to be a jet flier?I'm 19 right now and I am a Chemistry major and I would consider myself a B student but do you have to be really smart to fly a jet?I want to study a bunch of ASVAB study guides and am wondering if I am not a Genius, but I studied my hardest for a year on the ASVAB will I do well? Or is it like an SAT where you just have to be really smart to do well? Is it best to get my Bachelors first? What is this Airforce Academy? Any comments?
A: Just to be clear, a jet is any aircraft with a jet engine, which includes a turbojet or a turbofan. Therefore most commercial airliners (which use turbofans for the most part) are considered jets. Not sure if you meant fighters (which were the first to use jet engines).Regardless, you must first be an officer in the United States Air Force (or US Navy or even US Army though the mostly do helicopters) to fly in one of those services. There are three methods of doing this. The method that will give you the best chance of getting a spot at pilot training is the Air Force Academy. Almost every medically qualified cadet who desires to fly gets the chance to go to pilot training. It is difficult to be accepted to the Academy however and you will want around a 1250 (old scale) or 1900 (new scale) at the least on the SAT as well as 3.8 or above grades. Also you would have to restart your college education since the Academy goes 4 years.You can also go ROTC. You are slightly less likely to be given a pilot slot, but this would allow you to stay where you are. This can be done either with or without scholarship and is generally a fair amount easier to be accepted into than the Academy. Technical/Scientific degrees are preferred.The last option is OCS (Officer Candidate School) and only applies if you already have a bachelor's degree. Very very few are accepted through this and even fewer go to pilot training. If you already have a degree then this might be worth looking into, but I would certainly not make it my plan.In any case, if you are accepted to pilot training, then it depends on your performance there which airframe you get to fly. Pretty much everything is a jet under the technical definition, but if you mean fighters, you will have to be among the top at pilot training.

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