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How long do you have to have Chlamydia to become infertile

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Chlamydia can turn into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease within 2 years, and it is that which can cause infertility. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-you-have-to-have-chlamydia-to-become-infertile ]
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How long is it before you become infertile if you have untreated ...?
As soon as the woman you want to conceve with finds out.
How long having chlamydia can you become infertile?
how long will be individual, depending on the health and the immune system of the person affected.
How long can Chlamydia be left before you become infertile??
It depends on how fast it spread in your body. Here's some more information: In men, chlamydia may not cause any symptoms, but symptoms that may occur include: a painful or burning sensation when urinating, an unusual discharge from the p...

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how long do you have to go untreated with chlamydia to become infertile?
Q: im worried im infertile i got treated about a year and a half ago but before that i had no idea how long i had it so now im married and were thinking about kids and im scared to go to the doctor HELP!
A: You're going to have to go to the doctor to find out. Even if you just want to start trying you should see a doctor.http://www.ivf1.com/chlamydia-infertility/Blood tests to detect tubal damage from chlamydiaThe most common test to detect chalymia infection in women involves taking a swab from the cervix during a speculum exam in the doctor's office. The sab is tested for chlamydia DNA. The problem with this test is that it does not tell the physician how long the infection has been present, how severe the infection is and whether the woman with the infection has sustained tubal damage. The swab test can also miss an infection that has moved up into the uterus or tubes and is no longer in the cervix.Blood tests can also be performed to detect the antibodies the body makes when exposed to the chalydia bacteria. These blood test are fairly predictive for finding women with tubal damage during laparoscopy. A recent study found that the presence of the chlamydia antibody predicted the presence of tubal damage (blockage or adhesions)correctly 62% of the time. Conversely, the absence of the chlamydia antibody predicted the absence of tubal damage 90% of the time.It is important to note that the presence of elevated levels of chlamydia antibody does not necessarily mean that a woman has an active chlamydia infection. It simply indicates that she was exposed to the bacteria. In fact, it is estimated that, if left untreated, about 45% of infected women without symptoms will clear the bacteria from their bodies. In women who clear an infection rapdily, the risk of tubal damage may be low. On the other hand, persistent exposure may result in chronic inflammation and may increase the risk of tubal damage.Another blood test that may be useful is called the C reactive protein (CRP). For many years, CRP was known as a highly sensitive but non-specific marker for acute inflammation. It is produced in the liver and rises to very high levels within 4-6 hours following acute injurious conditions such as trauma, surgery, or infection. More recently, researchers have developed a more sensitive test called hsCRP (highly sensitive CRP). with this new test, it is now possible to measure conditions indicative of chronic, low grade inflammation.A recent study has found that combining the chlamydia antibody test and the hsCRP increased the chance of finding tubal disease to almost 90%.
How long do you have to be infected with chlamydia before you become infertile for a woman?
A: I was told that going 3 months with chlamydia equals infertility if the std isnt being treated.
has any1 became infertile from chlamydia?
Q: has any1 became infertile with chlamydia? hi has any1 became infertile with having chlamydia?i had it a few months ago but it now looks like the infection has went into my womb, i am going to start getting tests done but thot id ask before hand.what tests have you had? and what are the chances of being infertile from it? after what tests or how long does the doc tell you if you are infertile or not?how have you delt with it and are you trying dif things to get preg?thanx
A: While I have not personally been made infertile from chlamydia, it is a possible long term complication.When STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and some viruses, herpes, trichomonas) go untreated (and a lot of them do in women because there are often no symptoms to let the woman know she has one) they can result in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). It's important to know that things other than STIs can cause PID as well.It is estimated that 10-15% of women of reproductive age have had one episode of PID [1].It is also know that the incidence of long term sequelae (complications) (eg. tubal factor infertility, chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy) is directly related to the number of episodes of PID [2] What that means is that one case of PID does not usually result in infertility (though it is possible), but the more you have the more likely you are to become infertile. PID is a hard diagnosis to make. That's for sure. The only definitive diagnosis criteria for PID are: endometrial biopsy indicating endometritis, transvaginal sonography or other imaging showing thickened fluid-filled tubes or tubo-ovarian complex, GOLD standard: laparoscopy demonstrating abnormalities consistent with PID (fallopian tube swelling/redness, or mucous/pus.Other additional diagnostic criteria:-temperature for fever (though only 1/3 of women with PID have a temp over 38 degrees)[3]-vaginal secretions (wet mount) to look for white blood cells-ESR (looking for elevated rate)-C-reactive protein (looking for elevation-documentation of cervical infection with Chlamyd, Gonorr.You will need a complet abdominal and pelvic examination, pelvic including speculum and bimanual examinationsPregancy test to rule out ectopic pregnancy.Bottom line, one case of PID and chances are you are not going to experience infertility.Good luck, and be sure and be foreceful with your doctor about PID and make sure s/he checks everything out. PID is a major health concern and up tp 2/3 of cases go unrecognized!

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