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How is active immunity acquired

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Naturally acquired active immunity occurs when the person is exposed to a live pathogen, develops the disease, and become MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-is-active-immunity-acquired ]
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How are they alike between active acquired immunity and passive a...?
Passive immunity occurs when your body is provided with antibodies it did not itself develop, as with transfer of antibodies in breast milk. Active immunity occurs when the person has developed its own antibodies as a result of infection in...
When does naturally acquired active immunity occur?
Isn't it from being exposed to things? Like colds and sucking peoples finger and germs?
How does the body acquire active immunity to a disease without ge...?
1-though vaccination if you are talking about active inmunity or 2- passive inmunity which diminishes in a relatively short time, usually a few weeks or months Definition of Active immunity Active immunity: The production of antibodies agai...

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what is the difference between passive and active immunity?
Q: what is the difference between passive and active immunity?describe, with examples, how the body acquires artificial immunity through the antibody mediated (humoral) response
A: Passive immunity- you are given the antibodies that were produced elsewhere (eg, by a rabbit or horse).Active immunity- you are given the antigen, and your body responds by producing the antibodies.Artificial immunity (which can be interpreted as passive immunity) can be gained by the fetus as the maternal antibodies cross the placenta, or by the administration of antivenin.
Please help?
Q: Contrast active and passive immunity in terms of how each is acquired, how long it lasts, whether memory is triggered, how soon it becomes effective, and what immune cells and substances are involved. Name at least two major ways that natural and artificial immunity are different.
A: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immunity_%28medical%29) had all of your answer.

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