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How do you know when your liver starts hurting

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The most common symptoms of liver disease are very non-specific and they include fatigue,excessive tiredness, lack of drive MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-when-your-liver-starts-hurting ]
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How can I know if my medications are hurting my liver??
The doctor that prescribed these meds to you should be drawing blood every once in a while to make sure your liver isn't being effected. Make sure he/she gets this done for you.

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Q: For the past month I had been feeling nauseous almost every day. It would ALWAYS get worse at night and sometimes I would make myself throw up so I would feel better. It would get to the point though, where I would be laying in bed and randomly start to feel sick. It would gradually start to get worse to the point of me curled up in pain and my legs would start to shake. Like I said, it was mostly at night but it would occur sometimes in the day too. Usually after I would eat.I was so confused as to what was causing this and kept telling my mom I didn't feel good but we never did anything about it. Later on I mentioned how taking tylenol all of the time could effect your liver and what not and she out of no where told me that I should stop taking ibuprofen because that might be what was hurting my stomach. I had never for a second though that it was the ibuprofen, but what I thought about it I was taking close to 8-10 pills a day.I started birth control close to a year ago for horrible cramps, but I can NEVER remember to take the pill on time. As a result I will randomly start my period in the middle of a pack and when this happens I get pretty bad cramps. 3 or 4 ibuprofens get rid of it like that though. So I would be taking 6 or so a day just for that and then at night I was taking Ibuprofen PMs. I wasn't thinking about that at all. It usually hurt more at night, when I took the 2 extra pills.It says on the bottle you're not supposed to exceed 6 in 24 hours. I'm assuming that taking 8 a day would hurt my stomach after a while. The reason I took them for so long was that once I messed up taking the pill no matter how long I took it again after that I would still be on my period for a week or two. So it was a lot of taking ibuprofen.Since I found that out though I stopped taking it all together. I switched back to Tylenol PMs too.I haven't had a stomach ache since.What I want to know is though, do you think it was that causing my stomach aches, and what can I take instead? Tylenol doesn't help my cramps AT ALL and most midols have ibuprofen in them, as well as other stuff, and the normal dose isn't enough for me.Suggestions? (Sorry this is so long, I just felt like telling you the whole story. Plus, it's 1:30 AM, I'm bored, not tired and just felt like typing.)THANKS!:)
A: Ibuprofen does cause stomach ache - and you've been taking way too much. Max of 6 a day and only ever 1-2 at a time or you'll end up with an ulcer.Try taking one with a normal dose of Tylenol; that gives two types of pain relief and some anti-inflammatory effect (which is why tylenol alone doesn't get rid of the cramps). Then wait AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR so the medication has a chance to be absorbed from your gut. Use some heat (a hot water bottle or something) while you wait, as this helps to relax the cramped muscles. If it hasn't fixed it by then, you can take the other ibuprofen tablet.I know it can be hard to remember to take your pill at the right time, but you're not doing yourself any favours by taking it half-arsedly; you'd be better to dump it altogether and give your body a rest. Otherwise, keep the pack in your bag and set your cell phone alarm for the same time each day - if you're out with friends when it goes off, go off to the bathroom and take the pill in private.
Q: Did you hear B-hops comments on Jim Rome, they were spot on. When MMA is in the Olympics let me know, so I can start stocking up on food and water, because the end is very near. To add to B-hops comments, I would say if you took the baddest s.o.b. in your neighborhood and put him in the UFC, trained him up for three months and then put him against the champ in his weight class, he would have at least a chance to go the distance, or win. Now take that same guy train him to box,and put him in the ring with the champ. in his weight class, and he don't make it to the second round. Boxing is better because it's a coherent set of rules. MMA tries to melt all styles of fighting into one smorgasbord. But you invariably end up with 2 grown men fumbling around each other like a drunken prom night in San Francisco. It doesn't work for me as a sport, because it's not a sport.what exactly do we get to see from them? How about - hype, false advertising, reality shows, soap opera personalities, fighters acting like bar thugs and having to fight in a cage like f****** animals - I mean - is there anything you can do to insult an athlete more that this; and most of all a fan base consisting mostly of drunk imbeciles and primitive, aggressive, Spike TV educated morons completely ignorant of this sport.MMA is boring as fuck, I meen cmon your on your feet for like a minute then transfer to the floor for the rest of the time, I meen keep a fucking time limit on the shit. By the way if a boxer gets hurt ( liver shot) he better stick it out and box, or hit the ground. But even then he only has 10 seconds, Now for a MMA fighter to get injured he has the option to QUIT, KEEP FIGHTING BACK (stand up) or take him to the ground and rest on top of him for the rest of the round.ENOUGH SAID
A: Yeah. I agree with you 100%. I've tried to watch MMA and I just can't get into it. To me it's boring and meaningless. I'd rather watch paint dry or read a book on Lenin. Boxing beats MMA by a light year.

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