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How did diseases start

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Bacteria thrives on unsanitary conditions, people lived in appalling circumstances, especially the poor. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-did-diseases-start ]
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How did mad cow disease start?
In 1985 the mad cow disease was diagnosed. It is said to have originated in sheep that had a similar disease that was called scrapie. The cows got a form of this by eating sheep remains. The bones and neural tissue of the sheep that had a f...
Where did mad cow disease start?
Mad cow disease, or Bovine spongiform encephalopothy, is a neurodegenerative disease found in cattle. It is thought to have originated in the U.K., possibly as early as the 4th century A.D.
How does mad cow disease start?
Mad cow disease start when a healthy cow is feed ground animal parts within the feed. Once the cow is feed this food the cow will start to have neurological problems that then start this disease.

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how did diseases start?
A: "disease" - bacteria and viruses - were probably the first forms of life on this planet. You'd have to look into evolutionary biology for a detailed answer. It sure as heck wasn't God's response to 'sin'.
How did STD start? Anyone know their origination?
Q: Isn't it weird that you can get a disease on your privates?My next question is how to diseases start - the type with viruses and bacteria?
A: STDs result from infection by parasites and/or pathogens. All parasites and pathogens require a host to replicate. (I don't say reproduce because viruses are not considered 'alive'; they are infectious agents and cannot reproduce in the biological sense.) A living pathogen is often a mutation of what had been a free-living organism. Some free-living organisms become dependent on a host in a good way (think lichen - which are usually a combination of algae and fungus) but others are pathogenic and cause harm to the host. The mutant version (that is no longer free-living) is able to take advantage of a new resource - the host - and still survive and reproduce. Viruses are little bit the same and a bit different. They are only genetic material and a protein "coat". They are not cellular like other pathogens, and so are not considered "living". They also mutate (a lot!) and take advantage of new hosts, but they all require a host to replicate as far as I know (I'm not a virus specialist). Some use plants or other animals as hosts, so I suspect that one that was using a different host and a mutant was able to penetrate a human cell and - voila - we have a new type of viral infection. Some cause STDs, some don't. If you think about it, this is the current fear with the avian flu. Right now it's not a problem in human populations, but the potential for it to infect us is real. So, unless a person is unlucky enough to be the first host that a mutant pathogen finds (that would be the situation you describe as someone "developing" the infection), the only way for an STD to start in a new person is because they were exposed to a previous person with that infection - that is to say, through transmission by some means. So in our lifetimes (probably not yours, actually, you're too young!) we have only seen one new human STD - HIV - that may have entered the human chain through blood of a primate contaminated with SIV (S=Simian), a virus very closely "related" to HIV. The pathogens/viruses for every other STD out there have been getting swapped among humans for generations, even centuries.
How do Genetic diseases start?
Q: If some one has a disease pasted down from generation to generation, how does it start??
A: It starts in the womb, sometimes as early as conception. it's like there is something abnormal in the parents (or grandparents) and the child is more likely to get that disease. Most are unavoidable, but many can be treated these days.

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