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Does over sleeping kill brain cells

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So far oversleeping has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of death, nothing about brain cells. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-over-sleeping-kill-brain-cells ]
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Does sleeping kill brain cells?
Im not educated in it but a logical guess would be that it does not because since your brain cells don't multiply you would be in big trouble before your 2 years old!
Does not sleeping kill brain cells?
not sleeping tires them out wicth yes eventually kills them
Do sleeping pills kill brain cells at all
No actually some sleeping pills can help. Trauma blows to the head can kill brain cells. ChaCha on!

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How does methamphetamine kill people who use it?
Q: Does it blow out blood vessels or just stop the heart. And do the brain cells that are killed out ever come back. Does the person become retarded ? How long do withdrawal symptoms last? Like the sleeping. I know someone who has slept for over a week now. They get up to go to the bathroom and eat alot.
A: Methamphetamine (or other Amphetamines) has many possible ways to kill. Meth can (in some situations) almost blow up the heart. It can raise blood pressure to incredibly high levels, it can cause a stroke, Seizure (including Status Epilepticus). But it is a heart attack, stroke, or Status Epilepticus (constant Seizure) that will actually kill. The brain cells that Methamphetamine can kill during use might come back. New research has shown that brain cells can come back. But Meth forces the release of dopamine and due to receptor downregulation and almost burning out the cell less dopamine is produced naturally and more drug is needed to provoke the same euphoria. People who abuse Meth are not likely to become "retarded" but a large risk is that if the user stops using they can fall into a deep depression and it is possible they will have severe depression for the rest of their lives even to the point of anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure). Withdrawal, depending on how you define it, can be short or it can last years. Some people who have used heavily for years become so depressed they stay at home in bed for one or two years (but that is an extreme case). But it is common for people to sleep 15+ hrs daily for weeks and for the first few days people might sleep continuously. Amphetamines are difficult because they are known to be neurotoxic (causing brain damage) and few, if any, other drugs of abuse are neurotoxic. And the reason people relapse with Meth so often is not due to physical withdrawal or even psychological withdrawal it is because they can become so depressed and Meth will reduce the depression so they take it. But even amphetamines (including methamphetamine) have a place in legitimate medicine so they do some good but for addicts who are abusing amphetamines they can do more harm than any other drug.
When you breath in smoke, like in a smoke from a fire, does it kill nerve cells?
Q: I kinda accidentally burn two cumpled up peice of paper in my bed room, and, after waiting for well over an hour, I decided to sleep in the very same room. Obviously didn't have much brains to begin with if I did that, but I want to know if I killed even more?
A: You probably kill more cells by clapping your hands. I wouldn't worry about it. You damage cells in your body every day but they are mostly muscle and blood cells. I don't think inhaling regular smoke would have any measurable long-term effect on your brain.
Why do I hold my breath when I sleep?
Q: I know many will say "sleep apnea" and maybe it is a type of sleep anea, but if it is, its not the "obstructive" type. I don't snore. Its not like tissue is blocking my airway. Its more like I take a deep breath and then just hold it for a while. I do this over and over. I can remember doing it in my sleep right after I wake. I think it may be due to some type of anxiety. I'm afraid this is going to kill brain cells.
A: There are two main types of sleep apnea, OSA and CSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. Central sleep apnea basically means your brain is not sending all the signals telling your lungs to breath. During my sleep studies, I've and a couple of CSA's along with a slew of OSA's. You can have OSA's without snoring, your tongue can slide back, your throat can relax in such a way as to block the airway. It holds true that if you have very loud snoring, you probably have sleep apnea, the reverse is not true, not snoring doesn't mean you don't have sleep apnea. A sleep study is the only way to know.

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