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Do Twizzlers have Gluten

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Boo! Twizzlers contain flour so they are not suitable to consume for people suffering from celiac disease. -Keep doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-twizzlers-have-gluten ]
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Is twizzlers red licorice gluten free?
Twizzlers is not gluten free contains (corn syrup, Sugar ,molasses,and flavorings are mixed together to make the candy

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Is there wheat flour in Twizzlers?
Q: I have Celiac disease and cannot have anything with gluten in it. All licorice I have seen contains wheat flour--does Twizzlers?
A: Yes there is.http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090128115238AAs4WDb
Cheated on my Gluten-Free diet?
Q: I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a while back but my level was low, I have family members with Celiac so I took it seriously for a while but I don't understand much. Firstly I eat Taco Bell and the occasion Twizzlers or Chex Mix and don't have any effects. I get worse symptoms eating too much sugar than I do gluten. I used to eat gluten a lot before I was diagnosed and felt awful for 2 years and while I do feel slightly better on this diet but it also could be the simple fact that I'm eating less sugar.I think my test was wrong but my family members don't. How can I eat gluten free for months and still feel like crap but eat gluten and not feel any worse? Can gluten intolerance heal itself?
A: hiyou need to ask your doctor more about your illness...i guess you need more knowledge about the different foods that contains gluten...well, you are having misunderstanding about your case...visit your doctor

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